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  1.  N.Ireland troubles 70s style.


    Quite enjoyed this as for a change it was mostly seen from a Loyalist point of view in Northern Ireland. We were so used to pro IRA films through the years. This doesnt in anyway glorify killings from Loyalist paramilitaries but it showed what was an accurate account of a besieged protestant people in the brutal "troubles" conflict in the 70s. Worth a watch.

  2.  Disney at its finest!!!


    This was always my favourite Disney animation by far and its a shame it isnt remembered as much as other Disney animations.
    The owl is hilarious and near the finale when the boy meets the "magnificent marvellous mad madam mim" the wicked witch is memorable as any Disney classic moment. Full marks easily :-)

  3.  Great wee horror flick


    Very rarely seen on T.V these days I was glad when it was brought to DVD. Its a road trip thriller/horror leaving the characters and viewers paranoid about who to trust. Not a film full of gore but more of suspence and tension that 70s horror always provided.
    The final scene always stayed with me as a kid and in my opinion one of the greatest most surprising/unsettling endings ever....

  4.  Still great down under!!


    Ive been collecting all the old Worzels on DVD I remembered as a kid but I couldnt remember the Down Under series.
    Anyone who loves Mr Gummidge wont be disappointed with this series set in New Zealand, hes still hilarious and ofcourse aunt sally is still with him. I wasnt sure what to expect of the new crowman but he was every bit as good as the original.
    There are even some "dark" episodes with zombie type scarecrows in them and this will likely appeal to younger viewers in this modern day who have never seen Worzel before. Full marks for a great DVD at a great price!!

  5.  Horror fans will love this!


    I wasnt too sure what to expect when I bought this but after what looked like a cheap T.V film to start with turned into a class horror were I didnt know what was going to happen next. Ofcourse there have been many films like this before but it offers fans a feast of fresh killings that should keep everyone amused.
    If you liked wolf creek you will love this!

  6.  Terrible darts game


    After reading the cover I thought the game looked promising, however it was easily the most boring game ive ever played for the ps2. I enjoy playing darts but this mess will make you wish you had spent your money on something you can play for at least half an hour without being angry at spending your hard earned cash. If you dont believe me play it and see for yourself.