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  1.  A rare thing.


    This film seems to be reviewed simply on its comedy aspects, which is a shame, as I think that if you come to this film purely looking for belly-laughs then you could miss a very rare thing from a Hollywood production - a movie with genuine heart. It looks at community and how financial considerations have gotten in the way of how people interact. It also doesn't really have any 'bad' people in it, the confrontations in the film all come from people wishing to do what they think is right. The film is also technically brilliant with most of the special effects done in camera and the montage which isn't really a montage is terrific. The film does have laughs, but they are gentle. I would urge everyone to see this and judge for themselves, but please do so with an open mind and no preconceived notions of what a Jack Black film is and think you might find it a rewarding experience.

  2.  'The Ultimate Trip'


    Awe-inspiring, audacious, confusing, compelling, disturbing, a visual tour de force and amazingly 40 years old. There is little more I can say about this movie as I would hate to try and suggest that I understand fully what is intended, but I do know that I find it impossible to look away from. In my humble opinion Hal_9000 is one of the most terrifying creations ever commited to screen. An absolute feast, fantasically realised, persistently influential and enduringly fascinating. A must see, don't miss out and I hope that this is finally the release that does this monument justice.

  3.  Mind Wide Open


    Stanley Kubrick turns his cold, unsentimental camera towards contemporary relationships. Examining the differences between men and women's approach to relationships and sex, openess and honesty, as well as the personal limits set between harmless fantasy and infidelity. Perhaps not Kubrick's best work, but compeling nonetheless and is in turns frequently beautiful, eloquent and disturbing. Overall the pace is almost glacial which at times fits the films mood perfectly and at others is simply frustrating. Cruise and Kidman are sufferable. Perhaps, given the subject matter and the fact that they were still married at the time, cast as more of an experiment than an ideal. Still well worth a watch.