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  1.  fantastic riot


    what an amazing film. Watched numerous hand held genre films, this was a good one. Lots of bad language, but he ho. Really enjoyed the story of a party that very soon gets completely out of control. Good film, recommend

  2.  thoroughly enjoyable


    I was ordered by my son to watch this, so grabbing a quiet couple of hours last week, sat down and viewed it. It was pretty good. Don't know the story having not read the books, so cannot comment against them, but as a film it was enjoyable, fast paced, well acted. I particularly enjoyed the build up to the actual games themselves. I was glad they didnt just plunge the viewer into the arena, but built upon the plot of how and why the contestants are in these games. Good job, good entertainment.

  3.  agree with previous reviewer


    I completely agree with the other reviewer, it really is not very good at all. Very poor acting, dreadful script, rubbish effects....I could go on and on. This is probably one of the worse werewolf films I have seen. Very poor effort, considering it comes from Universal Studios.

  4.  Good creppy horror


    Watched this last night and to my suprise it was pretty good. One of the best settings for a horror film I have ever seen. Desolate, grey and grim thats what I'll call the locations, BUT that fits in so very well into the story. The creepy unseen creatures were effective, as you never really catch them, just glimpses here and there and the scream of another victim! Not a very long film but keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Recommend.

  5.  Quite good 'afterdark' film


    Some of the 'afterdark' productions are not too good, this one wasn't too bad. Creepy story of possession via camcorder footage (its not a found foootage film). Only average stars, as acting was only ok, scrpit was only ok. Overall an average and ok film. Christian Slater only has minor part in the movie.

  6.  Great horror


    Just watched this and thought it was a pretty good horror film. Not out and out scary like 'drag me to hell' but most enjoyable. The leading girl was very good as was jeffrey dean morgan. Good story, kept me on my toes for the full 90 mins. Occasional jumpy part, but not too many. It is a different take on the demons/possession genre. Recommend.

  7.  Surprise horror treat


    I found this movie a little gem of a movie. Although I've only given it three stars, its actually a little better than that, but not quite four. There was a genuine creepiness about this film. The story of an american couple on honeymoon travelling to china and getting involved in the local urban legends of that area. Yes at times it was quite dark and difficult to see what was going on and the camera work had a feel of using a hand-held camera but overall it was a lot better than I anticipated. Amy Smart was good and believable. The demons were creepy rather than outright scary and there was a feeling of claustraphobia about it (especially being inside a car!!!). SLIGHTLY above average.

  8.  Good idea bit slow


    There is a clever idea within this film, but this wasn't how to execute that idea. The story of a disturbed girl who may or may not be influenced by evil, took a long time to get going, especially as the film is only 85minutes long. The young unknown actors were a little wooden, scares were only a few. The main actress playing 'Sarah' was pretty good, portraying a young girl in mental trouble. It was a bit dull if the truth be known.

  9.  Pleasantly surprised!


    I actually quite enjoyed this film. I'm maybe a bit old for it, as it is clearly aimed at the teenage/young adult world. The story of a being from another planet sent to earth to protect it, from the ugly baddies!!!! On a serious note it was ok. As with all modern movies good special effects, an ok story with average acting. Thought the main actor was quite fine as his character. Overall.....AVERAGE.

  10.  Not too bad a sequel


    I actually quite enjoyed this movie about the further adventures of Perseus. It was no worse or better than original, which again was average. Pretty spectacular special effects, story and acting was nothing out of the extraodinary, but it wasnt bad.