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  1.  Absolute rubbish


    Why its called Vampires vs Zombies I'll never know, they never fight each other and why Zombies are even in the film is never explained, they just turn up! Poor special effects, no real story line, shocking acting, need I go on? I love Zombie films and I love Vampire films but I hated this tripe!

  2.  Random and obscure but a great film.


    The summer of sam is a great film. Its one of those films that seems a bit obscure and random at first but it truelly is a brilliant film. The acting is great and John Leguizamo, Adrien Brody, Jennifer Esposito and Mira Sorvino are excellent in their roles. The atmosphere and whole feeling of the film is great and really takes you back to 1977. One of Spike Lees best films.

  3.  Great fun


    When COD 4 came out many people wondered how they would improve on it. Well I wouldn't say they've improved on it but it certainly is just as good as COD 4 and as COD 4 was a fantastic game then its good news. A good campaign that has the usual storyline ( WWII in this case from 2 different factions). The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is faultless. Online multiplayer means after you've completed it you'll still have fun playing online with mates plus the extra level after you've completed it makes it a great game. Reccommended.

  4.  Must buy


    This is such an enjoyable game. Everything about is is great from the way you can control every part of sackboy down to individual arm movements or even make him/her sway their hips, shake or nod their head or even change their expression. So much thought has gone into this game, even the introduction and tutorial is excellent. The fact they got Steven Fry (whose voice fits perfectly) to be the voice over shows just how much thought has gone into it. The ready made levels are all great fun but where this game comes into its own is when you create your own levels and publish them for everyone else online to play. This means there is virtualy limitless levels on it, add to that the online play and you can have quite a few players in the game makes it a must have game. Its one of if not the best game on PS3. If you have a PS3 then you simply have to buy it.

  5. Lair



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     Excellent, new controls make it so much better


    When this originally came out it was generally panned by critics because of the annoying sixaxis controls. The stunning graphics couldn't really save it. Now however PSN has a free download for it so you can finally use the analogue conrols and it makes such a difference, Now this game is visually stunning and totally playable. Its a lot easier to control your dragon now and it really draws you in. The excellent soundtrack that accompanies it is faultless too. Occasionally the controls can be a bit fiddly but on the whole a massive improvement.

  6.  Brilliant


    What can I say? James Corden ond Ruth Jones are geniuses.
    This series is both funny, sweet and emotional.
    All the characters are believable and some are hilarious, Bryn, Smithy, Pam and Nessa all stand out as the funniest but thats not to take anything away from the others.
    An excellent series and I can't wait for the second series.
    At £6.99 this is an absolute steal.

  7.  Easy to set up, excellent performance.


    I know very little about networking or pcs etc but this was simple to set up and easy to connect to (most wifi pcs, laptops consoles etc will find it automatically). I had to initially set it up on my pc which was fairly straight forward, I now have an Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and laptop all connected to it no problems (I did have a Nintendo Wii connected to it thru the dongle but I sold it)
    My PC is no longer connected to it as its in for repairs but everything else all still works fine.
    For me netgear is the best!

  8.  Emotional and gripping.


    What a great film. Some people wont like this but I did.
    Its the usual stuff (mankind is nearing extinction and its up to one man to save us!). But its told in a more compelling way then usual. It follows Neville's (Smith) struggle for survival as the last surviving human and his aim to get a cure. Will Smith is excellent and special mention has to go to Sam (his faithful dog) who is cute and loyal to the end. A great film which is very sad and gripping at times.

  9. Porno



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     Another good book from Welsh.


    I don't know why this was badly recieved by critics originally, I thought it was a great book.
    It follows Sickboy more so then Renton and takes place ten years after the events of Trainspotting. sickboy, always looking to make a quick buck and pull a bird or two along the way comes up with a brainstorm, he runs into Renton and the rest of the crew soon reappear, some with money in mind, others with revenge. a good read funny and shocking in places. Recomended.

  10.  Best next gen for games alone.


    The Xbox 360 Elite is a massive improvement over the the original. It looks a lot better in black especially when next to your tv or PS3 etc.
    Its also a lot quieter then the original. The 120 GB HDD is also a big and much needed improvement over the original 20GB version.
    Well worth the money and Xbox live is a much better service then the Playstation network on PS3, believe me I have both and although you have to pay a subscription (£35 a year) for XBL (PSN is free) you can see where the money goes.
    Add to the fact the Elite has improved hardware that should have a less breakdown rate then the original and the best games library of all the 3 current main consoles on the market and this should make your decision what console to get a lot easier.