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  1.  Don't Think Twice!


    I suspect a lot of you will be sharing the view I had, which was that this will be another EA type failure of a bond game - how wrong I was - Now I have played Goldeneye N64, and have found myself saying that this is the best bond game.

    It gives so much, the cover system is like that from Gears of War, the engine is from COD4 - which adds greatly to the experience.

    The mix between Casino Royal missions and Quantum are cleverly intertwined - as are the game graphic movie sequences.

    If you want to enjoy this game to its full extent then play it on 007 mode (the hardest setting)

    Graphically pleasing in almost every way.

    As for multiplayer - When I could finally wrench myself away from the single player mode I decided I'd try online play - superb to say the least.

    To sum up:

    This game is a classic in the making - A Must buy!

  2.  'Game of the year' - An understatment


    If you haven't already hit the buy button, I urge you to - however I would say save the extra money and buy the standard version - also available through play)

    On to the game -

    Visually stunning in every way, the gun detail, the buildings, the vehicles, the maps. Everything in this game will have you in complete awe!

    Game Play-
    Whether you are buying this for single player or multiplayer, you will not be disappointed. The single player campaign requires skill and stealth, or complete upfront attack (not as easy if playing on veteran) the story line is fairly good and it intermittent between forces.
    Multiplayer - Epic, really one of the most fun games online, again it's your choice whether to be stealthy or upfront, both will have you constantly watching your back (Claymores are good to this regard).

    A must buy, but again - save some dosh and get the normal version I fell in love with.

  3.  Well Worth the extra cash... if...


    Well I'm a proud owner of an Elite, and have been for many months, before the new 60gb premiums came on the market.

    I've had two premiums before this, and can only say how much sleeker this one looks and feels, the black coat looks stunning next to my gloss black HDTV, however I can understand people not wanting one with a silver TV.

    Graphically similar to the older model, yet you can occasional see a difference - and when you do - oh boy, you're in for a treat (COD4 Springs to mind).

    If you don't have, or are not thinking of buying an HDTV - this console is not for you.

    I've currently only filled 76gb of the 120gb hard drive that comes with this console, and can honestly say this space is worth the extra money if...you store all your music, films, and other files on the console.

    I personally use this console not only as a gaming machine - of which it is fantastic, but also a full media centre with 5.1 output to my surround sound, offering a brilliant movie experience - or well used when playing games as you can often hear where you enemies are from their footsteps.

    Whether for the extra Hard drive space, or just its sleek black finish to match your tv - its well worth the extra money.

    I will suggest however you wait until 31/10/08, as the bundle packs become available, and they're a steal.

    Happy gaming guys and gals.

  4.  It depends what you're looking for


    Firstly I'll justify the reason for giving 3 stars - The game play itself is fairly enjoyable, with plenty to do - in or out of the main mission story line.
    Online co-op can also supply you with some of the funniest moments you'll have on XBL - yet can grow tiresome when you really want to knuckle down.

    However, unfortunately this game is far from graphically pleasing - It would be unfair to compare this to GTA 4 as it doesn't enter the same league.

    If you enjoyed SR1 as I did, then you will love this just as much, however it is not a giant leap forward and feels more like an expansion pack than a new game.

    You will have hours of fun playing this game, whether single player or co-op, but don't expect GTA graphics.

    I would say well worth a look in, but maybe hold out until it drops £10.

    For me - A pretty average game with some very good, yet under utilised, features.