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  1.  Brilliant.


    Im going to be honest and say that i had never seen any of the NCIS episodes of the original, and i only watched this as im a fan of LL Cool J and Chris O Donnell.

    And im glad i did watch this as out of the 24 episodes there is not a bad one. Not once does the story become boring or the speed lets down.

    Everyone should watch this, 10/10.

  2.  Brilliant!


    What is everyone on about this games cut scenes being too long, so what they go on for about 5 mins, but them 5 mins FLY BY because it is VERY well written.

    I am fed up of people slating this game loads.

    It is very addictive.
    Great Story.
    Easy controls.


  3.  Fantastic Help!


    Love the intro with the backround and pictures to show how much Sly wanted the perfect body, and some of the extremes he went to just to get there!

    Lots of workouts for males and females!

    Great recipes, such as the "Rocky Cookie" which is now one of my faves!

    Just buy this and LL Cool J's Platinum Workout.

    Theres so much depth and experience that with them 2 books you would never need a workout magazine again!



    Great quality book!

    Brilliant photos, lots of depth to the work outs, motivational lyrics and quotations throughout the book which is great when your having one of them off days and need a lift!

    Buy this is you want to lose weight and work out!

    Along with Sly Moves, you can't get anything better!

  5.  EPIC!!!!



    You can buy some albums and get 10,11 or maybe 12 songs on there, and there would be some stinkers, but you actually get 19 songs, and yes, all of them are great.

    One of the very few albums i've ever listened to and not skipped a track.

    All have their distinctive beat, great fresh rhymes with a legend at the helm rappin!

    Great value for money!

    Really wanna hear a number 14!!!!!

    Definatley getting better, or i should say, just as good as the very first album, just stayed at that height all the way through!

  6.  Great film!


    Steve Austin shall ALWAYS be my favourtie wrestler and legend.
    But i didn't buy the film because of that.

    I really liked the condemned, and this is equally as good!

    I got part of the reaction of what i did when i first saw Rocky when i was 13,i worked out and lost ALOT of weight, now im nearly 21, i'm going to do the same.

    Blu ray is fantastic quality, the scenes outside near the start on the building site are very sharp. Also the dog fights look brilliant!

    Action is fast and frantic.
    Good story.

    Looking forward to The Expendables!!!!!!!!!

  7.  Great Product - Bad Shipping!


    The actual Sonic Statue is worth 5 stars easy!
    But if you but limited edition stuff you want the WHOLE product in perfect condition. Unfortunatley the bag was open abit, and the box has a hole in the front and pretty obviously has been thrown about everywhere as the box is in REAL BAD condition.

    After this i opened the box praying the actual statue wasn't broke, and luckily the statue was fine.

    Buy it if you don't mind about the box being destroyed!

    bad box!

  8.  Only reason for a ps3!


    Correct comment below, if you buy a Metal Gear Solid game without knowing about the cut scenes, where have you been the last 10 years???

    Great game, i just missed being "inside" and didn't have the 100% feel of the MGS 1 and 2.

    But in saying that, i completed it in 2days, couldn't stop playing!

  9.  Sheer Perfection!


    I completely agree with every review! No words do this game justice.

    You can play for hours just doing drug deals and they with keep you so entertained that you won't want to do the standard missions. I have played this game for ove 20hours easily and have only done 30%.

    Before people say, i am not rubbish at games, i am just having so much fun driving/giving tattoos/dealing/rampages/hidden jumps/etc.

    Buy DS! and not that GTA 4. You won't regret it.

  10.  Works With Wii!


    Just to clear up what every person has rote on all of the sd card reviews.

    As of 25th of March 2009, when you perform your wii system update, you will then be able to use EVERY SDHC Card upto 32gb.

    Great price!