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  1.  To much of a good thing


    Okay let me start off by saying that I love the show and have been a fan of Doctor Who for more years than I care to mention!, also that I think that David Tennant has been brilliant playing the Doctor. That all being said I did feel abit let down by this dvd.
    The first story: Turn left is really good, its a great what if story and even though the Doctor doesn't feature that much in the story I think Catherine Tate holds the story up really well.
    The second story: The stolen Earth is on a very grand scale doing its best the merge multiple stories from the past and spin-off shows together (which at times I couldn't help but feel they were trying to give us to much of a good thing). I feel the story should have been given longer to develope rather that making it just a blurr of action but despite that its a good action packed story, and its great to see Davros again!.
    The third story: Journey's end, for me this is where it all goes wrong. I have watched this episode a couple of times now to see if I can start to like it, but I just can't!!. The story just becomes a mess. The Dalek fleet is defeated by Catherine Tate sprouting a jumble of ridiculously fancy scientific words and the Doctor backing her up by shouting "Oh yes!" every few minutes.
    I really feel that this Dalek story should have been given more time and not so rushed. If you like this episode then thats great, I'm not going to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't like, I just think that this could have been alot better.

  2.  A real classic


    A real Tom Baker classic. The story is well written and very well acted. Tom Baker as always is brilliant as the Doctor.
    The directing and production on Image of the Fendahl is excellent and its a real treat to watch.
    A real must have for all classic Doctor Who fans.

  3.  A real must read.


    The Bad Place is Dean Koontz at his very best.
    Even if your not a Dean Koontz fan then after reading this book you will be!. Its a fast pace horror/thriller that never slows down.
    A truly great book and a real must read.

  4.  Another Stephen King classic.


    I know people often say that they couldn't put a book down, well in this case its true!.
    The girl who loved Tom Gordon is fantastic. Thanks to Stephen Kings amazing style of writting you really feel like your lost in the woods with Trisha and the fact she knows there is something in the woods following her makes this one of the creepiest books I have read in a long time.
    Five stars all the way!!!.

  5.  Don't expect to much.


    The original Grudge movie was great, the second movie was ok but the third movie almost hurt to watch.
    This movie has none of the class of the original, it even seems to have lost the ability to be frightening.
    Ok the movie has some gory bits but thats not enough to make it a good horror movie. Shawnee Smith does her best but even she can't save this film.
    If your a real fan of the Grudge then stay away from this film.

  6.  Cheap and nasty


    The chance to get a replica of the doctors fob watch is cool and I couldn't wait to get one. The real problem is that the watch looks cheap and nasty. It seems to have been made with low quality plastic and left me feeling cheated.
    The good news is that you can now get a metal version of the masters fob watch!.

  7.  Peter Davison is great as always


    Four to Doomsday is a great Doctor Who episode. The story is smart and even the effects are pretty good, Peter Davison is great as always as the doctor.
    For me the only bad things are that I felt the story went on for longer than in needed to and I felt a bit cheated by how few special features were on the dvd.
    Apart from that I still think its a great story and is a real must have for any Doctor who fan.

  8.  Great item.


    This is a great Flash drive at a really cheap price.
    I bought one to store music on and after I saw what great quality is was I bought two more.
    Ideal for music, pictures or movies, its a real bargain.

  9.  A wonderful story


    Without a doubt one of the most beautiful and enchanting stories you could ever hope to read. It doesn't matter if you are a child or an adult this is a truly wonderful story.

  10.  Doctor Who at its best


    I grew up watching Peter Davison as Doctor Who and its only now that I am starting to watch Tom Baker and really realize what an amazing Doctor Who he made. This is a truly great story, the tale is dark and creepy and best of all its well written and well acted. There are a nice lot of special features on the dvd including the making of the episode and deleted scenes.
    This is really a must have for all true Doctor who fans.