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  1.  Fun Filled Jedi Enjoyment


    This game is a combination of the features from a lot of the finest and most enjoyable Kinect titles to date, with a Star Wars theme which simply adds to the cool-factor!

    The only (very small) thing I have been disappointed with is the extremely short tutorial for Light Saber use. Not enough time is spent perfecting the skill, and when you get into a tougher fight in the game it can leave you a little in the dark.

    Use of the force is fantastic, and dodging and jumping over things adds to the immersive Kinect experience.

    Bottom line: If you enjoy playing Kinect and you're a Star Wars fan then this game is a must. Some of the side games like the dance off are also a fun addition for party time!

  2.  Better than the Glee group


    These guys are superb. Every time they're on the show they shine and they are by far the most entertaining.

    This album is no exception, this is one of the most upbeat albums I have heard, and acapella style is really toe tapping and tuneful. I definitely recommend you buy this album

  3. Escala


    Escala (Britain's Got Talent) - CD

    19 New from  £5.00  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.13

     A Class Act


    These are 4 of the most beautiful, incredibly talented girls around. The album is immense featuring the likes of Slash to help spice things up! An absolute must buy for every collection, keep an eye on these girls as they shoot to super stardom!

  4.  A Revelation


    Granted, this new release from Panic at the disco is a far cry from their toe tappingly original debut album, but in many ways this latest offering is matured, and improved upon the first. I remember buying the first album and being blown away by the sheer pace of each track and the inventive lyrics. Upon seeing them live in Birmingham recently I came to love them even more. Pretty.Odd kicks off with a bang, and follows up with Nine In The Afternoon, which is reminiscent of their first album - but after this point things begin to change. Each track has a heart and real maturity and feeling, with notes of the Beatles and the Beach Boys cast in for good measure. If you can't stand change then do not buy this album, it's not for you - but, if like me, you want to follow the journey a band takes to perfection, then buy this album and give every track a real good listen - they are all truly memorable for their own reasons.