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  1.  Original Fairytale


    This book includes all the whimsical humour, glorious dreams and magical love that every great fairytale includes, but this book isn't for the usual audience. This adult based fairytale warms the cockles of your heart and leaves the reader with a surrounding air of belief and magic that seems to escape us over time. Attractive original illustrations and perfectly charming. If only we all could find our very own man with dancing eyes.

  2.  Simply Delicious


    Sophie Dahl's writing is completely scrumptious. She enables you to taste the food simply through writing about it. You want to try and explore each meal and the way her story winds through the recipes is divine. This book actually gets you excited about the prospect of cooking and it gives you inspiration to lead the healthy but appetising life we all long for. Stunning book.

  3.  Lovely, heartwarming read


    I bought this book whilst on holiday in North Devon and I must admit what attracted me first was the interesting front cover. As soon as I had read the beginning chapter I was hooked. The story primarily follows the lives of 5 characters who all live within the mysterious yet beautiful house situated on 31 Silversmith road and how one woman who's lived opposite the house with her partner for years manages unknowingly to turn all of the residences lives of the 'peacock house' around for the better.
    This is simply a beautiful read that shows you, you can't always judge a book by its cover. I enjoyed every minute of this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a light, happy, unique, heartwarming book.

  4.  Very original film.


    The characters in this film are portrayed terrifically well and the story completely encapsulates you. The length of the film seems daunting but it is definitely not a drag. The original ideas throughout the film leaves you to ponder and think afterwards and the only thing that could be said negatively about this film is you do leave the cinema in a bit of a darker, lower mood than the one you entered with. If you are looking for an uplifting, light hearted film you shouldn't choose this but if you are looking for a superb, original, exceptional film that will leave you thinking and wondering then this is the film for you. Brad Pitt is amazing in this film and the special effects are simply fantastic!

  5.  -Twilight-


    I was really looking forward to this film after finishing the book an hour before i was due to go and watch the film with my friends. The film definitely lives up to the book in some parts and Edward Cullen is portrayed excellently. However, what I felt let the film down slightly was the portrayal of Bella Swan by Kristen Stewart and how some key moments in the film came across as very comical. Overall the film is a good introduction into the twilight series and hopefully the films will just get better!

  6.  Hillarious sequel!


    Normally a sequel to a kids/family film is a great disappointment so when my friends decided to go and watch this film I really didn't know what to expect. I loved the first Madagascar but I think Escape to Africa may just top it, the film is funny throughout and we were all cracking up during the hippo scenes especially at Moto Moto's chat up lines. Overall a great family film and i would recommend this movie to anyone who loved the first film or just wants a light hearted comedy that really does give you the giggles!!

  7.  Just Unique.


    It's simply the most interesting book I own. Buy it and see for yourself!

  8.  xoxo Gossip Girl


    I loved every single episode of this series. If you missed out on this series you have missed out on something special. Definitely buy this. I can't wait until season 2 comes out in the U.K! I hope Serena and Dan get back together!

  9.  ..I loved this book..


    I took this book on holiday with my family and i spent most of my time reading this book. I simply couldn't put it down. The idea of the afterlife from this book is simply unique and it is not just another one of those heartwarming books that make the afterlife appear happy and full of love. The idea of this whole book was so different to anything i had read before it just made it that much more interesting. The characters are believable and the ending is uplifting. This book really does take you elsewhere!

  10.  ..An animation with heart..


    I went to see this film in the cinema as there was nothing else on and I was greatly surprised. This film was not just simply another animation comedy that is all fairy-tales and happiness. There were a lot of meanings behind this film and it shows people that you can't always judge a book by it's cover. If your looking for a great family film then look no further!