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  1.  Brillant


    Having watch bond on normal DVD, I decided to watch it on Blu-Ray, and the picture + Sound is just awesome.

    This is Bond from the beginning, so of course there is no gadget, chessy lines etc, they will all return soon. I think Daniel Craig plays the role as Bond great, it feels more realistic and much more darker than the others Bonds.

    Which most of you bond fans will know, that This Bond is a lot closer to the Ian Fleming books than the previous Bonds.

  2.  Very good


    Just notice some people comparing this to the bourne movie, but if you read the Ian Fleming novels, you will know this Bond is very much close to Ian's books.

    As for the movie, it is very enjoyable, must watch for any bond fans out there.

  3.  My review : )


    Vantage point is a good movie, but like others I got a bit fed up with the rewinds, it's been over used a lot in this move, I lost count on how many times I saw the President get shot :S There are twists and surprises in Vantage point some are predictable and some are not.

    On the plus side the acting is brilliant and on blu-ray the sound and picture are amazing, all in all this movie is well worth a watch but it's not the best movie you see this year, 3/5.

  4.  Be kind.


    Reading the reviews on play.com I didn't expect much from this film, but I am glad I'd ignored there reviews and bought this film.

    Granted it's not the best film you will ever see, but it is still enjoyable to watch, watching them remake classic films is quite funny also really clever.

    It's worth the 4 stars and worth watching.

  5.  Diary of the dead


    I don't really get all this negative reviews this movie been having, after watching the movie I think it's a really good film. Good cast, Good acting and good script, maybe there is not enough zombie action as people might want, but still I think it deserves 5 stars and a must watch.

  6.  ********Funny movie ***********


    It's been a while since I last seen a good funny movie, Good luck Chuck made me laugh out loud gasping for air. Last time I laughed so much was when I watched American Pie.

    I highly recommend that you buy this movie, it's only 98 minutes long but for a comedy it's all it needs. This movie is a 15, and even know it is a 15 I still won't feel comfortable watching this movie with them because it do contain strong sex scene's.

  7.  Excellent


    A really fun and lovely movie.

    All the cast were great especially Christopher Walken and John Travolta ( I had my doubts about him playing a women but he really pulled it off).

    Even if you don't like musical you will still like this movie.

  8.  Rent it, don€t buy it.


    I haven't heard much about this film, so I thought I buy it anyway and see what it is all about. I wish I could tell you what this film is about, but quite simply I can't their's no real story apart from the flood what destroy London and kill lots of people that's about it.

    With really bad acting even Robert Carlyle ( 28 weeks later ) Is really bad and it's a pity because his one of the best British actor's around .

    If you really want to watch this, then rent it, what ever you do don't buy it.

  9.  Excellent mulitplayer game


    If you looking for a good FPS solo game Then this game doesn't deliver, You have to be online to experience the best of what it has to offer. Take control of Elves, Dwarves, Trolls and humans into a futuristic world.
    Get the spells going and you'll really see what a blast this game can be.