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  1.  Turn off brain - Blow stuff up


    If your looking for a game with great graphics and deep gameplay buy something else.

    With that said if you want fun by the bucketload without thinking a great deal buy this.
    The game is rough round the edges and has a few bugs but nothing too serious.

    Play if you liked Crackdown and want more.

  2.  Great Fighting game


    For my money this is the best fighting game on the 360. Could take you months to master just one character, it's that deep.

  3.  A Let Down


    This film has it's moments but as much as it pains me to say just isn't much cop. After the wait and all the hype what we are left with is an extra long episode of The Simpsons - whats the point? For how much this blu-ray costs you could buy a season of the show.

  4.  Rubbish!


    The first movie was ok but the second went downhill and this film is just plain dull! Was bored from start to finish. See The Bourne Ultimatum for the best blockbuster of 2007

  5. Troy


    HD DVD

    1 New from  £6.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.71

     Great HD Picture


    A so so film that looks great in hd. I bought the directors cut from usa.

  6.  Great performance by Pacino


    Great story, a couple of twists, awesome picture and sound quality, good extra's. AL PACINO and SEAN PENN bring the characters to life. Look out for Viggo Mortensen (Lord Of The Rings) as a cripple. A Top HD DVD



    This film is much better than it's given credit for. Give it a try. It looks awesome on HD DVD!

  8.  A great surprise!


    I dont watch much T.V but was sick of everyone talking about Heroes so thought I'd take the plunge to see what all the fuss was about. I dont regret it! Great show, I was hooked until the end. The extras are very good to. The HD version is exclusive to HD DVD.



    The best blockbuster of 2007 exclusive to HD DVD. This is a great action film and though not the best hd dvd an essential addition to your collection.

  10.  HD is awesome!


    I bought this for £270 and thought it was fantastic value.
    This player is awesome. If you cant decide which HD format to go for (HD DVD or Blu-Ray) I would have to recommend HD DVD. HD DVD is a finished format so you can buy this player and know any HD DVD's you buy in a year or two's time will work fine on this player unlike current Blu-ray players costing far more. All HD DVD's are region free so you can buy HD DVD's from Play USA and they will work fine on your uk player again unlike Blu-ray which has region coding. This player is amazing, Hd DVD is the best HD disc format and 7 free HD DVD's just sweetens the deal! This player also upscales your standard DVD's to a very high standard. VERY IMPRESSED