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  1.  This could be a 5 Star product!


    This could be an amazing product, but the apps are tricky at best! and the apps could do with a serious overhaul!! Probably worth waiting for the price to come down a bit before buying one! i would say something around 50 quid would be worth the money!

  2.  What we need next.


    These things are amazing!! But what we need next is for the X3 to have bluetooth!! NFC would be nice for easy pairing! i feel that the wire is a bit of a hinderance as you cant pick up your phone properly brows and choose a song! Bluetooth (And if possible NFC) would greatly increase usability! Still needs to be able to daisy chain though, and just be connected to one X3 as a beacon. :-)

  3.  Very nice, could do without the smell!!


    Very nice bag, I've had my current bag for 5 years., its going to be hard to let it go! But this one is more than worthy!!

    The only problem isnt with the bag its self, it stinks!! It smells like rotten fish have been rubbed all over the outside!! I've tried spraying Fabreeze on it but its had little effect!!

  4.  Now im getting annoyed!!


    I have had a few action replay cartridges and this one is just a step up from the last one, but i orded it two weeks ago and it still hasnt arived!!!!!
    I had no idea what that play trade thing was so i ignored it, but i wish i didnt!!
    Its been out of stock for at least three weeks!!

  5.  Awsum!!


    This is the best cheat cartridge i have ever come across!!!!
    And i have tried a few!!
    I had filled 99% of the log book in metroid prime hunters, and completed everything else in the game, and no matter how many times i went through each level scanning for this one thing that i had apparently missed i couldn't find it!!! And i was also missing the final video!!! I was about ready to give up when i finally borrowed this cheat cartridge off a friend, and it was amazing just plugged it in selected the cheat i wanted and boom!!! 100%, I defeated the final boss and got the new video!!! It felt sooo good!!!