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  1.  clearly worth it!!!


    The xbox live community is generally a good place to be a part of despite occasionally gettin some mouthy idiots that just wanna be heard to make fools of themselves!!!!!! But generally a real good time can be had by all!!
    And from a completely non biased point of view having both xbox and ps3 and enjoy both, yes the ps3 is free online however the xbox' online service is better, smoother and worth the money!!!
    And at a fiver cheaper than microsoft want to charge you, well you'd be a fool to line there pockets more when u can pocket the difference yourself!!!!!!!!

  2.  Very Handy


    This really is a great money saver! A good price and will easy make your money back from what you save on normal batteries. Really handy aswell for games like forza 2 on the endurance races because you can hire a driver and leave it and the control wont turn off while plugged in which ut usually does and then pauses the game! good length cable aswell for when it does need charging!

  3.  best wii game out!!!


    This game is real fun both on your own and on multiplayer mode! Starts off quite easy but the masters class is pretty challenging! You will get achin arms though if your not used to any thrashin! and also the wires can hit your hands and get in the way when your runnin! but its all really good fun! Not worth losin a star over! If you cant make up your mind on a game then make it this cos its real good fun!

  4.  Amazing HD Movie for anyone!


    I'm quite new to HD movies and have never really thought of myself as a film boffin either but this film in my opinion is fantastic! Even if you don't like the film, which is doubtful, its still amazing just seeing the quality of the picture! I've had lots of people round over christmas showing them parts of the film and had them all wonderin why they havent got HD! And as for the film i think it can appeal to both kids and adults! ive never been onto transformers, just thought id get it cos the adverts looked good and i was very impressed! Not a bad word to say about it! Just wish that HD DVDs would play on normal players cos im sick of having to say no when people wanna borrow it!

  5.  Top Game


    I agree, if you are a snooker fan this is really a top game! I've had hours of play time its great! And as regards the jerky camera you can just change the veiws and its sound! I enjoy watching snooker and playing it! And I think this game had improved my real gameplay!