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  1.  very good!


    got this after haveing a 20gb and its great, i find the games on the xbox miles better then my ps3 which i only use for blu ray and freeview, 360 is miles better in my view.

  2.  redromper anwser....


    is yes its a sim free phone meaning any sim will work in this phone simple.

  3.  A bit of a let down....


    Good graphics, rubbish gameplay, even worst story. I mean the story is so boring and the missions soon get repetitive. Multiplayer most of the time does'nt work. I had high hopes for this game but my ps3 is gathering dust again. Oh one more thing the voice acting is nearly as bad as killzone 1

  4.  still.....


    the best game on the 360, well its the best game out. it beats cod4. if u own a 360 get this, also gears of war 2 is comeing out november 2008 and i cant wait!!!!!

  5. Lair



    1 New from  £16.56  Free delivery

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     i aggre with ShellJell


    this game is really crap, when i had a ps3 the only good game was motostorm and even that was'nt great. one of the worst games on the ps3

  6.  responce to ReallyFatBloke


    ReallyFatBloke said the game was too easy, try putting it on a harder diffuculty then it wound'nt be so easy to finish.

    great game!!!!!

  7.  Best game ever!


    this is the best game ever made so if your computer can run it get it! if not get it on the 360. :)

  8.  great game!


    must buy for anyone, after playing it both, pc and 360 i made my mind up that the 360 verson is much better, if you own a ps3 or wii sell it and get the best games on the best consol THE XBOX 360 :)

  9.  not quite....


    this verson is not as good as the xbox 360 one but its still a great game.

  10.  Puts other consol's to shame


    who needs blue ray or the wii mote thingy when you have great game like halo3 going out for the 360, this is the best game ever made! im just gald i own a 360 :)