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  1.  Disappointing


    I recently purchased a Pentax K-x DSLR and thought this card would be ideal to get started with. A good price and chunky memory? Sold to the woman with the shiny new camera!

    All went well to start with. The write-speed was good, it uploaded to my laptop nice and quickly; we had a happy relationship for about 2 months...and then something went horribly wrong.

    One day, 45 photographs vanished from my camera. The folder was there - but there wasn't a single file to be seen. I took some more photos to check, and they stayed put. Chalking it up to some schoolgirl error, I carried on as normal the following day.

    I took about 50 photos of some swallows. Every single one of them disappeared. I checked the card lock and it was in the right position. I re-formatted it. I tried again...epic card fail.

    Now I'm using an ancient 128MB card until I receive the SanDisk card I've just ordered. It's quite possible that I simply got unlucky and bought a duff card, but I won't be buying Lexar cards again...just in case.

  2.  Could Do Better


    Having been surprised by how much I enjoyed the first film, I thought I'd give this one a go too. I can't say I was overly disappointed, but it really isn't as good as the first. The laughs are there, but the gags are predictable and lack the cheeky punch of the first film. The cast are all spot on...it's just a shame they didn't have a meatier script to sink their teeth into. This is a 2-disc set; the 2nd disc carrying cast interviews, bloopers, deleted scenes...the usual gubbins. To be honest, the bloopers had me laughing more than the film itself! In all, I'd say it was worth a few quid if you fancy a mindless, daft film to smile at. If you're after big laughs though, you might want to look elsewhere.

  3.  The Best Yet


    This is quite possibly the best of Jamie Owen's Welsh travel books. Ironic, since it's the only series of his that isn't available on DVD (*prods Aspect!*). It doubles up as an enlightening guide to parts of Wales that you may overlook or may never even have heard of, as well as being a rather attractive coffee table tome. The photography is stunning. Mr Owen has yet again succeeded in shedding his dour newsreader exterior to write a book that's witty, warm and often laugh-out-loud funny! (If you manage to read the paragraph about 'breezy' horses without laughing, you're not human.) In all, this book is well worth the money; because even if you're not planning a trip to Wales, flicking through the pages will give you just a hint of the relaxation and beauty to be found. I just wish they'd release the accompanying BBC series on DVD!

  4.  Beautiful!


    I live in Wales, so I guess you might think it's a bit odd that I bought this DVD. Not so! Jamie Owen is a brilliant host who guides you through 6 episodes of glorious scenery, fun tales and interesting characters. It doesn't matter if you're from Wales or Warsaw, you'll find something to enjoy here. And I have to say that it's worth the price just to see Jamie get scuppered by his film crew. Classic!

  5.  A Caller, Not a Texter


    Positives: It's fairly robust when it's closed. The camera function isn't too bad, and voice clarity is good. It's also nice and simple to transfer music from your computer to the phone, and sound reproduction is good.

    Negatives: It takes quite a while to boot. The slide function is smooth, but when the phone is opened it feels rather rattly. Then you've got the texting...which is painfully slow! I've already had the phone freeze completely on me several times while texting because I was typing too quickly. They keypad is also just that little bit too small; but I guess that's down to personal preference.

    This phone is fine if you're more of a caller than a texter; and if you're not planning on heavy use.

  6.  Surprisingly Robust


    At 8.99, I must confess that I wasn't expecting something quite as robust as I got! The clapper bit is a little wobbly (and takes a bit of work to get it to open wide enough), but I can't fault it in any other way. Standard chalk writes on and wipes off easily...yep, I'm chuffed with this purchase!

  7.  Tip Top Tap!


    If you manage to sit through this without laughing, you're not human. If you thought the series was funny, then I guarantee that you'll love this! Julie Walters is amazingly good as an all singing, all dancing Mrs Overall, and Celia Imrie's nymphomaniac Miss Babs is a stroke of genius. Granted, some of the singing and tapping leave a bit to be desired...but isn't that the whole point of Acorn Antiques? Victoria Wood's script and songwriting are spot on here. You'll find yourself humming 'Macaroons' for days afterwards!

  8.  Impressive!


    Bought this for my dad at Christmas, and everyone was stunned by how well it flies! The controls take a bit of getting used to (in particular the 'trimming' function), but once you've got the hang of it, it's great fun! The only downside is that it gets through batteries like nobody's business...but I suppose that's to be expected with a toy like this. In all, I'd say it was worth the cash!

  9.  Quality Comedy


    'Kingdom' is one of those series that you think will be around forever. It's witty and warm, and never fails to raise a laugh or three. The DVDs are well worth getting because, let's face it, there isn't much gentle comedy around these days.

  10.  Brilliant Stuff!


    It's wonderful that 'After You've Gone' has got its final DVD release. You can't fault the comedy; it's like 'My Family' only wittier! Quite what the BBC were thinking when they axed this show is beyond me. The only thing that's lacking with this release is a blooper reel - but I was really pleased to see it's got the two Christmas specials as extras!