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  1.  A must see


    At first glance you might think this is just another film about the Middle East and/or a Jason Bourne-a-like character but you'd be wrong. Not only is this far removed the world of Bourne but Matt Damon takes on a far more complex character this time around, and does it well.

    The film focuses on the hunt for WMD's in Iraq post-invasion and deals with the question of whether they ever existed or not. This film includes both realistic action and conspiracy to create an intense thriller that will have you at the edge of your seats all the way through. In a very short time you get to know each character thanks to the convincing acting of each and every cast member. If you liked films like Black Hawk Down or the Hurt Locker then I would highly recommend this film. You won't be disapointed.

  2. Salt



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     Decent but not great


    I thought this film was alright, the action was entertaining albeit unrealistic to the point of laughable at times. Angelina Jolie played the part "well" but fairly one dimensional. Entertaining enough but I don't think I'd watch it more than once.

  3.  Low expectations, pleasantly surprised


    First off, I must say that I am neither Tom Cruise's nor Cameron Diaz' biggest fan, and I only decided to watch this movie because I'm currently procrastinating during revision for University. I went into it with very low expectations after having read reviews on Play.com about it, but I must say I found myself laughing and enjoying this movie. It is unrealistic and the acting isnt what you see in Schindlers List, but then again, it's not meant to be! The action is very fun and Cruise and Diaz play their parts very well. Don't expect True Lies, just stick the DVD in and relax and enjoy this cute mindless action comedy.

  4. NHL 11

    NHL 11


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     5 stars but only cus 4.5 isnt an option


    You should get NHL 11, but don't expect perfection. As the title of my review states, this is more a 4.5 game as there are still some issues that EA is yet to solve in this series. There are glitches which affect the realism of the game, for instance the puck can sometimes land on the goalies back and just stay there causing play to be frozen, as opposed to it rolling down his back and into the net. Sticks STILL go through players bodies, and I don't mean in the impaling sense. The game modes are good, Be a GM is as good as ever, and the inclusion of the CHL is a welcome addition. Be a Pro is ok for a while but the lack of depth this mode offers leaves it empty after a few games, I am yet to go more than half a season as a Pro. All in all, good game and an improvement on NHL 10, but I expect more when NHL 12 comes round.

  5.  Boring and over-hyped


    I had been looking forward to playing this game since I heard that the Crysis series was coming to consoles (my PC is used for surfing the net and can't handle games very well). I'd played Crysis 1 on my friends computer and liked the 20 mins or so I'd played, and this was very much the same. The game grows boring very quickly and while it says you need to use stealth, this isnt really the truth. It's very much just a "go in all guns blazing" game as stealth maybe gets you one or two unsatisfying kills at the most. The guns are awful too, realism isnt on the menu for this game. The enemies are boring and repetitive and the missions are linear and again, repetitive. If you are itching to play this game, I'd rent it, that way you wont be out of pocket and you'll have it for long enough to experience the games full potential. Multiplayer doesnt add any longevity as this too is boring. COD still rules the roost.

  6.  Bad Company is not a Bad game


    This is by far the best Battlefield game. Saying that, it does not however compare to Call of Duty in terms of game play (it surpasses MoH Airborne, which is also a good game) but the game looks and sounds great; even down to the noise your kit makes when you sprint. I didnt buy this game, i rented it and i am glad i did. I managed to complete it in 2 nights. Theres very little to keep you in this game once you've completed so think hard whether you want to spend your cash on it. This game is good but it is very short. Its a must play!

  7.  Brilliant


    Violence at its most beautiful. A perfect representation of a utopian Britain.

  8.  Utter rubbish


    the day a rat talks is the day i would watch this film more than once.