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  1.  Excellent, given time.


    These headphones were purchased to replace a long-standing, faithful and utterly great set of unknown-brand earphones I seemed to have for my entire life, at first I was a little disappointed until I learned the joys of patience with this earphones.

    Yes they are tight to start of with; no biggie. I set them over a handful of books and left them to stretch out overnight for a few days and they fit perfectly now. Anything'll do the same job, books, a cushion, a pumpkin, whatever. Go mad.

    When it comes to the sound, many people will tell you to 'burn-in' your earphones in a similar vein to 'bedding-in' a car; that they won't perform at their peak until you let them 'settle' for a bit. Some others will say burning-in in nonsense and that time makes no difference in sound. I'd have to say it does, the sound of these at first was a bit tinny, with little bass, but now they sound awesome. They bring out new details in songs for me and don't break up until you crank it to stupid levels. They may be a tad bass-light for some, but it's certainly not excluded from the music and allows the mids and highs more 'room' in the song. I tended to leave them on overnight in order to aid burn-in, and it seems to work wonders.

    Granted they aren't top-spec earphones, they won't be at this price. But for this price they are great cans, comfy in time and a good investment for anyone.

  2.  Excellent piece of kit.


    Didn't buy mine from here, but thought I'd review it anyway.
    As said, the USB dongle turns your PC into a Bluetooth device, which apart from letting you use the keyboard and mouse allows you to send multimedia files between your PC and any other Bluetooth device, i.e. your phone.

    The keyboard is sturdy, feels quality and the LCD screen displays various information such as what music you have one and even allows you to access music playlists from it, and the media controls on the side panel (touch-sensitive) are great, you can alter volume and skip/play/pause/stop tracks from it. There are also various shortcut keys for opening Windows files, etc.

    The mouse is a fair chunky thing but fits the hand perfectly, the buttons are (again) solid and secure, with back/forward and app. switching as well as four-way scrolling. The recharge is nice because you don't have to keep changing batteries, as you do in the keyboard. But as with anything if you use quality batteries you'll get months out of the 'board before it wears them out.

    Overall and excellent buy, I got mine some four/five years ago maybe, not long after it came out anyway, and it's working fine to this day. That's after near every-day use for several hours at a time, all it's needed is all the keys removing and cleaning a few times to rid it of finger-cheese.

  3.  So far so good.


    Come in a nice postcard-style pack with a free screen cleaning cloth. The protectors themselves fit perfectly once you get the knack of getting them on properly. Great buy for the price.

  4.  Superb album, with garnish.


    Having already written a review for the one-disc version of this album, I didn't feel the need to write it all again nor copy and paste it for this version. So to read that review please check out the aforementioned one-disc version.

    Needless to say, the album is still one of the best I've ever laid my mitts on, only this one comes with a little taster of Devin's electronica work.

    The bonus tracks are quieter electric-beat driven pieces of work, with the occasional guitar solo thrown in. They're a handy snippet of what Devin's capable of with a digital sound system. The songs are a nice contrast to the main CD, worth the extra couple of quid for sure. Only real qualm is they could have perhaps been longer.

    Overall a spectacular album augmented by three groovy little numbers, my personal preference being Locate, the tune just sticks in your head.

    Well worth buying, excellent, excellent album.

  5.  Go In With An Open Mind.


    The first thing that hit me about this album is how far from the old Guns N' Roses it actually is. Yes, there is a solid, clear line that divides the band we all knew and the band they are now, but to me that's just the way of progress. Had the old band been working on this then we may have simply just had a much more polished-up Use Your Illusion-era album on our hands.

    But this is truly something else, vastly layered with vocal tracks, synths, strings, orchestras and guitars, this is so far from the raw Guns N' Roses recordings it's hard to associate them with who they once were. Yet the link is there, in the most obvious form; Axl Rose. On this album he proves he can still sing like he used to, shrieking highs and growling lows all intermix throughout. He also proves he's not lost the knack for writing some profound lyrics, he has a gift of making whatever it is he thinks into deep, meaningful lyrics and then wringing them out of his voicebox that they give you a double-whammy of passion and Rock N' Roll ostentatiousness.

    As I said in the title, you need to be open with this album, the guitars no longer take centre stage like they used to, and for another thing they're a damn sight dirtier-sounding, heavily distorted and interspersed with technical, finger-blistering squaling lead breaks, laid-back Slash-blues this certainly isn't.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Slash and co. and would give anything for an old lineup reunion, but were this their album too it'd be a very different beast. Some songs on this album have six guitars at once, as opposed to maybe three layers we got with old Guns N' Roses.

    As different and obscure as this album is, I've barely listened to anything else since I got my hands on it (from an official stream), it will take a few listens to get under your skin, but once it's there it won't let go easily. There are a few gripes with the album; for one, it's very very VERY close to fulfilling all the hype and propaganda from the last few years. but not close enough, but, again, go in with an open mind, forget the delays and enjoy the album for what it is right now.

    Other gripes include certain parts of sings where they sound a little too busy, layered too much and not really sing-along-able. Also the intro to 'Scraped' - yeurgh.

    By no means the perfect Rock N' Roll album, but it's mighty, mighty close, Axl has delivered a great piece of music. Highlights inclue opening track 'Chinese Democracy', 'Better', 'This I Love' and 'I.R.S.' The ending song 'Prostitute' winds the album up brilliantly, the outro made me go all goose fleshy as it puts a can on the last decade of press abuse towards Axl and wraps up his brainchild of work.

    Hopefully this new appraoch will enlighten a new generation of people about how good a band Guns N' Roses are and were, and open their eyes to the genius of Axl Rose. Old fans should perhaps give it a preview listen before making their minds up, but I doubt many will say no.

    Excellent album.

  6.  Excellent album.


    Brilliant yet overlooked album, can 'make' a night for me sometimes. Rough N' raw production takes you back to the good old days of music, this is a very 'dirty' album that sounds like a band recording in a garage, and captures the spirit of the band perfectly.

    Why only four stars? Well it's pretty short and it takes a lot to get five stars. Consider it 80/100, sounds better that way.

    A must-buy for any G N' R fan.

  7.  Great Album To Start With.


    This is probably where you should start if you want to get into Devin's solo work. Perhaps not as progressive as 'Terria' or as mad as 'Ziltoid the Omnisicent', 'Accelerated Evolution' is a wonderful piece of work from this genius that many people may not even know of. The guitar work varies from virtuoso to relentlessly rythymic, stopping off at sheer awesome on the way.

    The first piece of Devin's solo work ever to enter my ears was 'Storm', which can only be described as 'like nothing I'd ever heard before', and the rest of the album didn't let me down. Gems such as 'Away', 'Slow Me Down', 'Deadhead' and 'Sunday Afternoon', along with the aforementioned 'Storm' would be worth paying the album's price for alone. While the other songs may not stand out quite so much to me personally they never fall short of extreme excellence.

    There's only one way tog et the real picture of Devin's vocal talents and guitar genius: buy his work. If you're looking for a place to start doing that, I'd recommend this album before moving onto his more 'diverse' work.