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  1.  Thank Truck for that!


    This game is fantastic. For anyone who loves tow trucks as much as me and my friends, then you will certainly fall in love with Tow Truck Simulator.

    This game has captured the essence of what towing a truck is like, the graphics are average but the sound effects are second to non. I still get goosebumps when I hear the authentic noise the winch makes when I have my surround system turned up.

    Me and a few friends recently had a Tow Truck Simulator Lan party which was brilliant, and I suggest you do the same. There is nothing better than a bit of competitive tow truckin'.

    All in all a Good game and I am really looking forward to Combine Harvester Simulator.

  2.  Thank God for that!


    Right Ok, One of the earlier reviews say's about not getting swept up with the hype, however I believe that the reviewer has done just that.

    The media was always going to be split on this one, half will say it was worth the wait, and the others will say that it was not.

    I understand that any review is just someones opinion, however I disagree with some of the below. First off, Its no Appetite for Destruction, but lets be honest, it was never going to be. Any G'N'R fan will love this though, and I mean, really love it. Its great, the blend of acoustic guitar with electric, and some of the riffs are awesome. And Axl's vocals are amazing as usual.

    And look at it this way, if this had of come out when it was meant to, you would be paying about £15/£16 for a new CD. So for £9 you cant complain.

  3.  Just Awesome!


    The First track alone 'Half Truism' sets the tone for the whole album.....that tone being utter brilliance. This is album is what you would expect from the Offspring and more, utter crowd pleasers. For anyone who saw them headline this years Download will surely agree Half Truism was stunning.

    From start to finish thisalbum is just awesome, and hopefully an indication that Offspring have got a lot more to offer in the future.

  4.  Interesting.


    Right, dont buy this game if you want realism, or a gripping story. This game is a pure arcade run and gun. And more importantly, its a good bit of fun. I would recommend renting first if you are not sure about this style of game, but overall i'd say its great new game, with a fresh spin on the shooter.

  5.  Oh Dear!


    Right ok, lets talk about the good points first....The Story itself isnt bad. And the voice acting is ok........erm..........huh....thats it for the good points then.

    Unfortunately this game for me was a big let down. From all the pre-release trailers and hype this game looked awesome. I went out to buy it on the day of release. Got home put it in and I thought I had accidentally bought an Xbox game, not the 360 version. The graphics are nothing special, but the gameplay is nothing short of terrible. The aiming system, the movement, the camera, everything just feels half done. It plays and looks like a 5 year old game.

    This game looked so promising but unfortunately fails to deliver. I just cant understand how games like this can be sold for the price they are when theyres alternatives out the like Call Of Duty 4 and Gears Of War.

    There is a multiplayer, but I just couldnt get into it, After the whole single player side of things.

  6.  .........Erm.......WOW!


    For anyone who has played all of the PGR's this game is well........Awesome. This is by far the most complete gotham game yet.

    I have had this game a week now, and it still takes my breath away looking at it. It is truly a phenominal game.

    The career made is brilliant, the arcade mode is massive and the online aspects of the game are amazing.

    The weather effects are brilliant, you can tell when you drive through a puddle in St Petersburg at 180mph, or when your accelerating accross a sheet of ice in Quebec.

    All in all a great game...Well worth buying.

  7.  Fans Of The Show Will Love It!


    I have played this game on the PC and will most likely get it for the 360 for the achievements.

    The game is fun and enjoyable to play, but if you love the show then its even better. I would definitely recommend this. It really is like controlling your own episode of the show, with voiceovers from the original cast.

    Well worth a look.....!

  8.  Not As Hard As The First One!


    Great Game,

    Although it is very easy compared to the first one. But the extra features are more than plenty to keep you busy.

  9.  Great Game.....


    Having Only Played the XBL Demo, I can only base my opinion on that.

    I found the Demo great fun to play. Action Packed and very Smooth. The Demo was a fair size and it gave you a good idea of what to expect from the final game, The short video at the End showed more of the different levels and they look awesome.

    I will be getting this game most definitelty.

    Its Tequilla Time.........

  10.  Based On The Game, Not The Demo!


    Having now played the full game I can confirm that it plays alot better than the Pre-Release Demo suggested.

    The Cars Handle superbly, Each car has its own slightly unique feel. There is also a great sense of speed. It no Burnout, but its fast enough.

    The level of customisation in this game is mental.

    All in all a very good game and worth the money.

    See you all online.