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  1.  Enjoyable and entertaining.


    This film was never going to win awards but if are after something to switch your brain off to then this is it.

  2.  whats the big deal


    I bought this recently after reading nothing but good reviews. I've played it for about an hour and i'm taking it back. Incredibly simplistic to the point of following a gold line on the floor, yawn. Combat is dull, magic is dull, the animation is worse than anything i saw on the n64 and graphically i found it a bit lame. All in all i'd say that if you want an exciting, well made rpg, go for mass effect or fallout 3. Both are brilliant, but for me mass effect edges it with fantastic gameplay, amazing graphics the most engaging storyline i've ever played and a truly movie quality experience.

  3.  No improvement on Resi 4!


    Firstly I loved Resi 4 and it still is in my opinion one of the best games ever. Now Resi 5 pretty much copies no.4 in all respects, even some of the sections of the game are the same. This wouldn't normally be a problem but the game just isn't as gripping as 4 and the controls are extremely dated now. If you're after a no brainer shooter you'll find some enjoyment in this, although I'd advise you go for another game like Gears or COD4.

  4.  daft but really entertaining


    1 - If you liked dog soldiers you'll love this.
    2 - Don't compare this to mad max
    3 - Watch it with an open mind coz it really is quite funny at times.

    There's a wealth of scenes that will make you grimmace and laugh with equal measure. Particularly the cannibal scene as it has the funniest soundtrack to a grizzly barbecue.
    Very entertaining!!!!!

  5.  Pure Brilliance


    This film is immense, period. Will Smith's performance was just brilliant and the dog requires special mention too. The film is great and the alternative ending is actually really good, an equal if not better than the original ending. The wealth of special features also make this worthy of your purchase as they are all excellent.

  6.  An unknown gem.


    This film is barely known by most people and it deserves so much more. It's fantastic, very intelligent and an immense story thats even better because of the directors cut. Trust tme, this IS one of the all time great sci-fi movies ever, the best in my opinion. Picture quality is brilliant in HD you honestly wouldn't believe this film is ten years old because the effects were way ahead of their time. AWESOME!!!!!

  7.  This is a huge let down!!


    Firstly I'm a big fan of the Quake series and 1st person shooters alike. This game promises so much and delivers nothing, graphically it's pathetic, the gameplay is too fast aiming accurately is nigh on impossible because character movement is so quick,the single player is exactly the same as multiplayer and the mission structure is just awful. Stick to what you already enjoy online coz this is pooh. COD4 rules nuff said.

  8.  Glaive me baby!!!


    This game is bloody brilliant. If like me you really looked forward to this but read the reviews in the mags don't pay too much attention what they said. They knocked points off it because it's a blatant copy of gears of war and resi 4, but in my opinion that's no reason to mark it down, they are two of the best action games ever made. It may be a copy but it pulls it off with style. It's also got probably the best weapon ever thought up, the Glaive, this thing is pure spinning death and can do so much. Won't spoil it for you, just go and buy it (and its not hard as nails like other people say just think about your abilities and use the one that suits the situation best).

  9.  Worst game ever? Quite possibly.


    I bought this game without reading a single review because I'm a massive fan of the series, however I soon found out that this was a total waste of my hard earned cash. The game was clearly rushed as there is no emphasis for exploration which seems odd considering its set on an island where many strange things happen which you'd obviously want to go off in search of answers. Dialogue is rushed, gunplay might as well not exist (I believe I fired 2 bullets in the whole game) and it is impossibly short, a massive five hours. There are only two saving graces for this game, graphically it is very good and it's an easy 1000 gamerpoints (one of the achievements was for taking a picture of a toy aeroplane, a guitar and a wheelchair. No reason why though.). Take my advice, avoid this like the plague or rent it if you want the points that desperately.

  10.  brilliant can't be beaten


    I bought this tv on another site a few months ago for the same price. I suggest you also buy it as cheap as it is the quality is amazing this is the second toshiba tv I've had the first was a 21" crt and I've got to say I will only buy Toshiba from now on. HD looks drop dead georgous and freeview looks very good as well far crisper than on my other tv's. I can't say any more. This TV is AWESOME!!!!!!!!