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  1.  Very Quiet Player - Pointless


    I was very disappointed with the sound quality. Even on maximum the volume is too low. It is fine if you are in a quiet place such as in bed at midnight but the sound is so low you cannot use it on a train, bus or aeroplane. I would avoid this player like the plague as it is pointless having it.

  2.  Quality Digital Camera


    The most notable thing about the J250 is that the build quality is superb, i used to have a similar Casio which was very plastic. The J250 is heavy and finished in lovely black metal. It takes razor sharp pictures that never come out blurred and its 28mm wide angle lens is adequate though unspectacular. It has a rechargeable Li-ion battery and battery time is good between charges.

    I think this is a lovely camera of high quality, you feel like it will never break! Its easy to use with lots of nice features and options for novices (like me) and experts alike. Only gripe is that it has no view finder and in even slightly sunny conditions it can be difficult to frame a shot so sometimes you have to just point the camera at the target and hope for the best. All in all though this is a much better camera than my awful Casio which took blurry photos and broke after 4 months!

  3.  Really Good, Recommended.


    I thought this film was very good for such a low budget. The build up is slow but unnerving as it should be, there are some excellent scary scenes where things move in the shadows etc. Its not a straight action film which is what makes it so good, it really surprised me, i thought it might be a bit stupid but the look and feel of the film is superb. Its also not a zombie movie, more a horror/supernatural film. Definitely recommended if you liked Deathwatch, Event Horizon and Severance.

  4.  Wonderous


    The best book i have ever read. Emotive, compelling and beautifully written. I will never be the same.

  5.  Surprisingly good


    I don't know why everyone knocks this film. I am a huge fan of the first three Alien films, in particular Aliens and also Predator and i actually enjoyed AVP2. The first AVP is rubbish but this one is very well paced, has knowing little nods to the original films and some great action. One thing i really liked about it was that everyone who you think will not die in this film actually dies, so its not boring or predictable. I would have liked it to be much darker in tone but overall its really OK and at £2.99 you can't go wrong.

  6.  Terriying..... for all the wong reasons


    Saw this at the cinema, don't go anywhere near it, its awful. I heard Romero made it with some film students, i think the students made it and he gave his name to it, its so amateurish and nowhere near his other films. Utter utter rubbish.

  7.  Masterpiece, uncategorically.


    A rare case of a film which is better than the book. What would a world without children actually be like? It would be one without any hope and no ambitions, afterall everything we do is so we can leave a legacy. Everything that happens in this film is unexpected and any violence that occurs is so realistic that it makes you feel ill. I came out of the cinema after watching this on a horrible drizly day and realised i actually lived in the Children of Men right now. Thought provoking, relevant and a must see if you like dystopian fiction such as 1984, Brave New World, I am Legend (the book) or the books of Philip K Dick. A dark and bitter tour de force with an ending which rivals the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan. Affects you for days afterwards.

  8.  Quite Different to Any Other Film


    A classic case of a film that polarises opinion. If you want a thrill a minute horror then don't go anywhere near this film. In the first few minutes you will notice that how the actors talk is quite different to anything you have seen before, the tone of the film is so strange you get the feeling that something is not quite right here, it is genuinely intriguing and thought provoking and i just didn't see the plot twists coming. I would definitely recommend this film if you are a patient sort who likes a mystery to develop slowly, it is beautifully shot, brilliantly acted and lovingly crafted. A real gem of a film which is very psychologically creepy. M Night Shyamalan may have lost it recently but in my opinion this is a masterpiece of subtlety and genius. Watch it on a cold winter night for full effect.

  9.  Ethereal and Wonderful


    Slowburning and ethereal. A must for fans of hard sci-fi and fans of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris. I wouldn't bother buying it if you are expecting battling space ships and laser guns although it does have a hint of Event Horizon in there. Sunshine is for the serious thinker, beautifully shot and acted. If the thought of a film making a major scene out of the transit of Mercury accros the Sun floats your boat then you will love this. I would highly recommend it, a wonderful film that has been created lovingly by people who are genuinely interested in space travel and science.