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  1.  Live goldust from hard rock's greatest band!


    Right you are "supershaggy": if you are looking for the best rock live albums ever made, why not start at the top with "Made In Japan"?
    Great Live albums are hard to find. You could wind up listening to Thin Lizzy's heavily overdubbed Live and Dangerous, or even to Zeppelin's useless Song Remains the Same Soundtrack which doesn't even come close to what a live album should be able to deliver...
    "Made In Japan" is one for the ages. The live versions of Deep Purple's classics on this CD obliterate their studio counterparts on every level imaginable. Whenever radio stations feature some major Purple classics, they inevitably use the ones delivered on "Made In Japan".
    Make no mistake, 36 years on these performances culled from concerts in Osaka and Tokyo still rule the live album roost together with Dylan's 1966 concert in England and The Who's Live At Leeds.

  2.  Out of nowhere comes one amazing record


    I absolutely agree: this could well be the best album of 2008.
    After one quick listen at the mp3 soundbites I got hooked immediately, bought the CD and never stopped listening to it since.
    This instant cult record is something completely new, it doesn't resemble anything I've listened to in the last couple of years: it's got strings, chamberlins, drums, hand drums, harpsichords, guitars, you name it...
    True, it's only 34 minutes long... but what 34 minutes!
    Trouble is: will these guys ever be able to top this?

  3.  Overblown, overlong and overrated


    The best thing about 'Apocalypse Now' you won't be able to find on this or any other DVD: the marvellous 'making of' documentary entitled 'Hearts Of Darkness'. Years after the release of this "Vietnam epic", Coppola decided to add some cut scenes giving the world this absolutely useless 'Redux version'. The previously unreleased footage makes matters even worse: it's obvious why he cut it in the first place!
    Why this is considered a classic I will never know.
    If you want Vietnam classics, go and check out 'Platoon' or 'Full Metal Jacket' instead.
    After the hottest streak in cinema history 'The Godfather - The Conversation - The Godfather Part 2', Coppola was indeed on the top of the world. And what did Francis do? He decided to squander all his money and talent on this bloated and indulgent would-be masterpiece. Bloated like the great, late Marlon Brando who's in vain trying to give this "art film" some depth and meaning. All he does is mumble through T.S.Eliot's Hollow Men speaking of "hacked off litlle arms" in the process...
    At the Cannes Film Festival in 1979 Coppola even had the nerve and audicity to liken the making of 'Apocalypse Now' to the real Vietnam war! Give us a break, Francis...

  4.  Candidate for best album of 2008


    Ry Cooder continues his hot streak finding a fitting end (?) to his L.A. trilogy. Once again a beautifully packaged CD (you get a whole book for this one, not just a booklet) and a set list incorporating countless musical influences (too many to mention...)
    After the marvellous 'Chavez Ravine' , the faultless 'My name is Buddy', now comes 'I, Flathead' . It's a more relaxed listen compared to the first two instalments, but it's also highly addictive... just like the mesmerizing end track 'Little Trona Girl' - what a stunning way to end an album!

  5.  Mediocre prison drama for the masses


    I'm sorry, but i just don't get it. What's so special about this one?
    'Shawshank' is one of the most beloved films in cinema history. Whenever a magazine like empire lets readers vote the best movies of all time, 'shawshank' gets a top ten spot up there with 'the godfather', 'jaws' and even 'citizen kane'.
    It keeps baffling me how a mediocre little film like this (and i don't mean that in a good sense) manages to touch the hearts of so many movie buffs all over the world.
    The acting is solid but boring, the direction doesn't offer any flourishes at all and the storyline could only spring from the mind of a mediocre writer like stephen king... Look what kubrick did instead: He turned a stupid little king novel into a flawless masterpiece like 'the shining' (yet the author keeps complaining about that film to this very day! Go figure...)
    On this one king had no complaints at all. Now that figures!

  6.  The Holy Grail for Who fans!


    The Who for me will always be the original Townshend-Daltrey-Moon-Entwistle line-up. No question about it. Everything after Moon's death in 1978 you can forget about!
    Concert footage of the Who in their prime is very hard to find. This double DVD gives you two treasures which had been languishing in the vaults for over 30 years.Blessed be modern technology...
    The 1977 concert features Moon's last performance (but one, apparently) and shows you a band giving their best in a splendidly chaotic and hugely entertaining set.
    The 1969 concert on disc 2 is unbelievable. The Who are truly in their prime here and nothing short of amazing. The footage may be grainy and sometimes even out of focus, but it will prove to be gold-dust for every Who fan.

  7.  One of a kind film covering the many lives of Dylan


    Only an "out there critics' darling of an art film" could aspire to do justice to the many lives lived by Bob Dylan so far.
    Being a huge fan of his music and art, I hesitated a lot before getting this DVD.
    Boy, was I wrong! I found the film brilliantly entertaining and not difficult at all. 130 minutes went by much too quickly...
    Blanchett steals the show, but Ledger portrays the disillusioned and hurt "Blood On The Tracks - Dylan" extremely well.
    Of course, if you do not know anything about Dylan's life and times, you might not know what the hell is going on for more than 2 hours.
    The film itself is a great piece of art and I don't see that as an insult at all.

  8.  Sick but hugely entertaining masterpiece


    How can such a depressing film be so much fun to watch?
    Some of the scenes are tough to watch and really make you cringe: the unmasking of a pedophile father for instance, or the obscene phone calls from a disturbed and inhibited wanna-be-sex-stallion.
    The acting though turns it into a masterpiece: This is one of the greatest "ensemble pieces" ever (alongside 'Glengarry Glen Ross', '12 Angry Men' and even 'The Godfather part 1').
    Philip Seymour Hoffman: will this actor ever be able to put one foot wrong? No, he's astonishing. Best actor of his generation.

  9.  How to distill 35 years of WWE history on a 3 disc set


    Setting out to cover the most important matches in over 30 years of WWE Championship History is a near impossible task.
    This 3 disc set manages to deliver: Hosted by the one and only J.R. Jim Ross, you will be able to see all the greatest WWE championship bouts of major stars like Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Mick Foley and Brett Hart.
    Ross gives a brief history of the changes the title has been put through between 1970 and 2006 and then lets the matches speak for themselves in their entirety.
    All matches chosen are indispensable:
    Brett Hart vs Shawn Michaels 1 hour plus Iron Man Match is still the greatest wrestling bout ever.
    The match-up between Benoit and Angle at the Royal Rumble comes in at a close second.
    The Triple Threat Match between Undertaker, Angle and The Rock will leave you breathless.
    Of course there were too many to choose from, but the selection made is impeccable.
    Great job...

  10.  Upbeat tale about dying delivers on every level


    The Savages is an underrated little masterpiece.
    Braving stale Hollywood conventions, this film about a brother and a sister coming to terms with their once mean dad suffering from old age dementia delivers on every level: It's tragic, moving and even funny. Laura Linney is brilliant and Philip Seymour Hoffman once again proves that he's the actor of the moment unable to put one foot wrong.
    The Savages is one to teasure. Unmissable!