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  1.  John Mclane R.I.P


    How could Bruce Willis allow himself to be attached to such piece of rubbish. The script was dreadful, direction dreadful, everyone else dreadful. Even Willis seems distracted at times. We love die hard for its humour, over the top action scenes but all this is done with some lightness. What we have here is virtually no humour apart from one scene that does not belong in the universe of die hard. It's been overhauled in to being a gritty realistic action movie that's a complete mess thanks John Moore have you ever made a decent movie. Thanks for killing my child movies I loved.

  2.  Forgo the Oscar snub Ben!


    This is a superb piece of film making Affleck is actually in my view the worst thing in the film but he is actually really good in the movie shows how good the film is. His eye to detail and the respect he has for the source material knowing when to Hollywood it to when keeping with the source. The academy really have messed up this time not nominating him. Looking forward to his next project already.

  3.  This is Cult


    This is the movie of last year dont care what other's say. Everything just ooze's coolness you cant put a foot wrong with this movie. Ryan Gosling is the new James Dean/Steve Mc Queen just watch him burn the screen in coming years.

  4.  last breath taken!


    Boring Boring Boring................
    I thought this looked diamond in the trailer park just boring not enough laughs. Tomei is lovely and at 45 I still like what I see more of her please just to make up for the shambles this film is.



    This movie is marmite take it for what it is and its cool loads of extra's which is very good. However it just a low budget romp they are not going to be gladiator or the shawshank redemption just crap movies done well. but these are much better then the long version's I think purely because death proof is better in the shorten version. Tarantino went wrong and started to believe his own hype I think when he done death proof.

    Its worth a spin.