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  1.  Great fun!


    I got this game with my ds when they first ever came out and i was seriously impressedwith the graphics and the sounds that you hear are soo real i wondered whether they were floating through my window or coming out of my ds. I have 8 dogs (5 in hotel, i am going to donate them soon, and 3 at home). I have to go onto nintendogs once a day to feed, clean, walk and compeat my dogs. I wouldn't call this a game it's a little bit like a small responsibility because if you do not feed your dog it will run away in neglect. I have always loved this game and i cant see any reason not to.
    My dog (my real dog) also loves this game because of the vocals from the ds dogs lol.
    Great game for any dog lovers out there of all ages!!!

  2.  WAY too easy (and I'm only 12)


    I was soo disapointed with this game. I am a major fan of Brain Games and this one let me down. Its interesting at first but the game gets very repetitive and even on the Hard levels I whizz through everything. The only people who use this game now are my friends that come round who have never played the game before, and after an hours play they start to get bored too.

  3.  Who needs a Wii???


    I personally love eye toy. I think it is soo much better than nintendo wii.
    1. You don't have to hold big heavy remotes in your hand
    2. There is no sensory bar that can sometimes be hard for remotes to pick up on.
    3. You are on the screen, not your mii, you.
    4. You feel like you are in the game
    5. The camera is small and easily fits below or on top of your t.v
    I have had no problems with the eye toy camera or any of the games it's brilliant i definately use it more than my wii

  4.  3 is right 3rd best ever Eye Toy Game


    I was thinking about a 5-Star but then I started thinking of other Eye Toy games....
    I'm still a fan of Eye Toy Play 2 and I think I was maybe expecting too much of no. 3. They are basically the same just a few differences here and there.
    If you like this game check out:
    1. Eye Toy Play (alot simpler with only a few games, but it helps you get to grips with the Eye Toy camera)
    2. Eye Toy 2
    3. SEGA superstars (MY personal favourite...A must have for all fans of Eye Toy/SEGA)

  5.  Bit of a let down...


    This was a great game for about a week, but yeah, seriously lacking in fun compared to all the other brilliant eye toy games.