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  1.  Nothing surprising....


    I bought this game with a feeling of scepticism, after previous titles in the Pro Evo series I'd come to expect another lacklustre effort with a couple of tweaks. I wasn't far wrong.

    The game itself hasn't changed much at all, the gameplay remains the same (more or less) to 2008 and it seems to be getting more and more "comfortable". Hopefully someone at Konami will soon see the effects that FIFA have put into place and take a leaf out of EA's book. There are good points... The "Become A Legend" mode is infuriatingly addictive and proves a great challenge. Online is still laggy and the commentary is still ridiculously mediocre. Come on Konami...

    ... We know you can do it!!!

  2.  Simply Fantastic!!!


    I bought this game purely because it was in a sale and going cheap... And I was extremely impressed!!!

    I'm not usually a fan of first person shooters but this really blew me away. It's great fun, highly addictive and a true work of genius. Since finishing story mode for the first time I must have repeated it at least another 6 times, usually on my own but it's also great fun in co-op mode. A must buy for anyone who's a fan of Tom Clancy or shoot-em-ups in general


  3.  This may be premature...


    Now I feel slightly premature writing a review on this game as I have only played the Demo.... But if the demo is anything to go buy I will certainly purchase the full game at the earliest opportunity. The four stars indicate that it is a good game, which it is... However I feel that I would probably give the 5 star rating to Top Spin 3 as the game is a lot more difficult and as such more realistic. But for those of you that aren't fans of tennis this game is a brilliant starting place. Buy it and you won't be disappointed. I've got mine ordered. Let's hope VT4 is every bit as pleasing.

  4.  Unimpressed...


    I bought this game expecting it to be a stunning visual treat and an absolute pleasure to play....

    I was left disappointed.

    The game is nice to look at, and not at all bad to play. But that's where it ends. Mirror's Edge becomes boring far too quickly. The first person view is a novel idea.... but the novelty wears off pretty soon and I was left wishing it had a third person option. All in all a disappointment. Perhaps down to my high expectations, perhaps down to the fact that the game very rarely conjurs up anything new. Either way... worth a rental, I wouldn't recommend buying. Major improvement needed before this becomes a leading game.

  5.  Surprising!


    To kick this off I'll say one thing. This game was a result of a credit note from a certain store with not a great choice of options. I saw this and thought to myself "I've ben a fan off the wrestling games from the WWE franchise.. why not a TNA game?"

    The main reason for me making this decision is the fact that there are a lot of former WWE superstars included in the TNA roster. I'm not a fan of TNA ordinarily, and haven't been a fan of professional wrestling at all since the mid-late '90's. I instantly recognised names such as Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, Tomko, Brother Ray and Brother Devon to name a few. This was enticing...

    I returned home and put the game on to see how well it played. I was expecting a mediocre experience at best. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! For an experienced player of the Smackdown! Vs. Raw series the control system of TNA iMPACT! was a little difficult to get to grips with straight away... but that didn't hold me back for long. And once you get used to the controls it's a visually pleasing experience. The reversal system could be touched up and Midway could have put in some extra controls for a wider variety of moves, but it's not a bad atempt at all. The game becomes fiercely addictive and playing online is great fun. This is far from being the perfect wrestling game. It's still light-years behind Smackdown! Vs. Raw in terms of graphics, realism and general game play. But one thing is true. If, like me, you expect a Midway game based on the TNA franchise of the professional wrestling industry to be mediocre at best.... you'll be very, very impressed with this title.

    Let's hope there's more to come!

  6.  A Huge Difference


    I bought this game on release date for the PS2, i loved it from day one and when I saw this "Dirty Version" I had to own it. Now, nobody needs to be told that XBOX 360 graphics are miles ahead of PS2... but the difference I saw was astounding. The entrances are crisp, from Triple H's "water spray" to Kane's fire, it all looks fantastic. The controls, as on the PS2 are a little awkward at first, but I found them very easy to get to grips with.

    And let's face it, a Play.com exclusive "Dirty Version" of an already great game, complete with T-Shirt, Create-a-Superstar mini guide, One page "Kelly Kelly" calendar and 8 numbered fighting styles postcards.... for £19.99.... You can't go wrong

    Buy it, you won't be disappointed

  7.  Why complain?


    OK, Let's break this down a little... those who are complaining of poor graphics must have terrible computers because the graphics on mine are fine... if they were anything below ps2 standards i'd reconsider. The game itself is a brilliant addition to the series, I became addicted for a short time to diving in the area trying to win a penalty, this is just one of the features that makes the game more realistic, you CAN get away with diving. OK the commentary is quite terrible, but that's something you can work around. The official licensing isn't there either but you can download all of the official kits and the rest so that's another issue sorted. All in all I think too many people were expecting far too much from Konami and have been left disappointed. The simple answer... expect little, and you will realise this game delivers a lot!

  8.  A few good touches


    So, we are presented with a new title in the ever popular "Smackdown" series, and there are a few differences to speak of.

    Firstly, every game so far has got slower and slower, not in a bad way, I think it makes the game play more realistic. Little touches make all the difference. Weapons lying around in the "parking lot brawl" match, being able to walk to the edge of "hell in a cell" without falling to your death, DX.

    New match types, mainly the "ECW Extreme Rules" match, which leads me onto another touch, being able to choose which weapon to choose from under the ring (In this match only). Also being able to set tables or barbed wire-wrapped 2x4's alight to inflict maximum damage.

    The introduction of ECW "Extremists", such as CM Punk, Sabu, Sandman, Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer to name a few.

    Graphically, things have improved. The entrances look fantastic and the in-game graphics look better than ever

    Commentary hasn't changed much, Joey Styles has been introduced and partners Tazz on ECW shows. JBL has been added to the Smackdown anounce team but sounds wooden, reeling off old Tazz lines from previous titles.

    The old season mode no longer exists, you now have 24/7 mode, you live the life of a superstar, living each and every day. And unlike previous titles you don't just play for one year, you actually keep playing until you reach legend status and then you're inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    Anyway, enough rambling on. All in all the game is good, not quite perfect yet, I think they could do with changing some things, although at the moment I'm not quite sure what, a little tweak here and there and THQ will have the perfect wrestling experience. The game is enjoyable by all, wrestling fans or not. I myself am not a fan of wrestling and haven't been since the "Attitude" era, however I found this game thouroughly enjoyable (even if I didn't know who a lot of the "superstars" are.

    It's worth the money, a big improvement on last year's title and it bodes well for future titles. Buy it and you won't be disappointed

  9.  At best a good game


    OK, let's face it. Konami are yet to let us down with this title. Yes, the game is similar to previous versions, however there ARE noticeable differences.

    The graphics HAVE been improved, the gameplay seems smoother and player abilities seem more realistic.

    So far the only bad points are the usual, no complete licences for English clubs (Tottenham and Newcastle on 2008). I feel the only thing that has changed not for the better is the commentary.

    Terrible pre-read lines from Jon Champion and Mark (Bo-Ring) Lawrenson make the game seem a little tedious, Lawrenson seems to be struggling to make the lines sound even remotely convincing, but perhaps i'm nit-picking.

    All in all it's worth the buy, it's a better game than PES 6 and by far better than FIFA 08. Konami once again, a good game, just not quite perfect...