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  1.  I was surprised too...


    A portable substitute for probably my favourite game series of all time took me back a bit. I mean the whole gimick was the fact you get to wail on small, plastic guitars pretending you're in black sabbath, so unless you connect some sort of similar product into a DS and play GH on a tiny screen in your car...

    Okay, the controller is a great idea, and quite innovative, only it is falwed in it's design a little. I had to fiddle round with the strap on the controller for several hours before i reached a comfortable position, and even then after around 10 songs my wrist was as stiff as a redwood. But once you do wrestle it into a comfortable position, Guitar Hero On Tour is a superb addition to the massively successful series.

    The songs list isn't bad, containing great stuff, and average stugg as per usual, and the touch screen strummer works pretty well too once you get the hang of it. The lack of the fith button i felt made a little to be desired at first, then after palying it realised how difficult it would be to impliment and play with more importantly.

    The multiplayer mode is where it really shines. Thankfully me and my brother are both Guitar Hero pro's already, so we could indulge in the expansive local multiplayer almost immediately.

    To summarise, fans of the series, it's awesome, but all the console versions are better, obviously...

  2.  Just get it


    You 'eard. It's so much better than super smash brothers brawl, in every way...generally...get it

  3.  A worthy Remake


    I am a huge Mortal Kombat fan, i have completed almost every single Mortal Kombat game (still working on Armageddon). This is an almost exact remake of the Ultimate Mortal Kombat that was on almost every console of the era. Where the first game was good, and this is a decent rendition, it has to put up with some out-dated aspects.

    The most annoying thing about it is there is only one mode of play. Just one, arcade mode, that is it. You are plunged straight into a battle without prior knowledge of controls, no tutorial, no practise mode, nothing else. Making the first few run throughs a constant death annoyance.

    However, for fans of the series, it is perfect, and if you are willing to put up with the constant streams of deaths while you work out some decent combo's and special moves to use, it becomes a respectable beat 'em up game.

    Puzzle Kombat is something the original did not have, which is pretty much a remake of the old game 'Columns', except with 'cutesie' little avatars of famous Mortal Kombat characters. However, it is long....very long, tediously long. And there are three rounds per game...

    Reccomended to true retro game players, and those with a long attention span. Not reccomended to anyone else.

  4.  Never ever ever.


    It is at games like this that I thank the fact I paid absolutely nothing. I feel sorry for anyone who plays the original console series Dynasty Warriors, love it, as so many have, then buy this, hoping for an amazing portable substitute for the extremely successful series.

    What they get instead is what seems like invulnerable enemies, shoddy 2D movement, horrible mastery, the graphics of a two-year-old drawing, repeated over far to many levels than it should be.

    A few factors that make the console versions successful, fun, and on the whole stress relieving games, leagues of enemies, 60+ playable and unique characters, a decent mastery system, with technical ways of using moves to maximum effect, and a decent amount of levels. Of course, repetitiveness was an issue, and some aspects did grow annoying, such as the endless archers, who would shoot you from you-don't-know-where, and have your character flinch for a moment, every second until you slaughter their cowardly behinds. This takes all of these aspects, which Koei and Omega Force have tried endlessly to fix, and makes the o so much worse. It also gets rid of most, if not all of the best parts of the console series.

    For example, the archers, now numerous, have more health and endurance than using 'God' mode on doom, and shoot faster than Legolas on speed. The moves list is now limited to three quick attacks, and two stronger attacks, the levels are almost identical, except maybe, if your lucky, some colour difference, and there are only three characters, as shown on the front cover. That's it, that's all you get.

    One level, which I felt obliged to complete to give a full, informed critic, lasted about forty minutes, and I felt I took the quickest route. I chose the 'average' out of the typical three character system (strong/slow, fast/weak, and average) to make it a little easier on myself. The thing is, in this three character system, none of them worked, because the enemies seemed practically immortal, impervious to pain. The tip of the dump-cake was that you could not actually block, despite there being at least four buttons available.

  5.  When a game literally has you dancing while playing...


    You can be in the most awful mood and be completely helpless to being uplifted by this game. Whenever tired, upset or angry, i just listen to my ipod, while casually completing a few levels on Super Mario Galaxy.

    Not that the in game music or sound effects are bad at all, they are most certainly not. Some ambient, at some points jazzy, sound track is the perfect mood setter. It fits the visuals, which are amazingly clear, crisp, and atmospheric. The lifespan goes far beyond the set star limit, and the story is simplistic of course, but entertaining none the less.

    First day i had this game i could hardly put it down, i was finally coaxed out about three weeks later by the arrival of Guitar Hero 3.

    So, why four stars? it seems the only flaw with it is that the critic prefer's Guitar Hero 3. However, i found quickly, though it is not a problem for a more casual gamer like myself, it really is incredibly easy. I think from star one to fourty-five i only died once. Where this would be a relief to some people, it can be an irritance to those who prefer a challenge.

    Also, the fact that there is no multiplayer, or online is very bizarre. After playing the great multiplayer and online features of the DS rennovation of Mario 64, i can not explain it. Even if it was just the ablitiy to post time scores on the internet it would be an improvement.

    All in all, this is a highly reccomended game by me for the more casual gamers, but not something i would reccomend for more competative, challange seekers.

  6.  Essential


    The five games on their own are incredible, all together, for one of the bargains of the century... What an amazing deal this package is.

    I already had half like two (when i bought orange box, it let me send my second copy of half life 2 to a friend as a gift ), which was one of the difinative first person shooters, incredible for it's time. When i heard of add ons like episode one and two, i considered getting them, only to have this deal come to my attention. As it was barely a few quid more, i spoilt myself.

    I can barely do anything else than play this amazing combonation of incredible games, with the thorough knowlage that i saved a bundle too.

  7.  Incredible


    There are little negatives about this game, honestly. The main insult i have seen projected on this game is the fact that previous owners of the game, on PS2, Gamecube, or PC, would find it dull. As the gamecube version was my favorite game of all time, i was ecstatic to buy Wii Edition. I was slightly put off by the claims of bore for people who have played the previous versions, but i bought it none the less.

    Through the first chapter and control configurations and such, it was already clear to see that this was hardly the same game. The new mastery and control system makes it a whole new game, a whole new interativity, inovation, and personalisation with characters and stories.

    Thats not even counting the fact when i completed it for the first time, (well, eighth considering all the previous versions i completed) i discovered it unlocked many more hours of awesome gameplay, with mercenary missions(such fun), assignment Ada, and so many more extras. I got it the day it came out, and i am still not bored of it.

    If you own a wii, completely ignore any bad reviews, and buy this, you will never ever regret it.

  8. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    3 New from  £10.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.81

     Good, long, and short


    Refering to the general game, the potential lifepsan, and the average users attention span respectively. A bouncey, happy., intriguing game, which reminds me of a digital, more complicated Lego, although, unlike lego, it did not stand the test of time. I maybe lasted a fortnight, before i got pretty bored, a month and i stopped playing it all together, two months and i sold it. A great game for those who have long attention spans, for all others, not reccomended.

    A potentially great game, great graphics, great mood, very colourful, but it's constant cycilc, repetative nature ruined it. I would rather play with my old lego sets honestly.

    Not reccommended unless 1, you have way to much time, 2, you have kids, 3, it's under five pounds.