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  1.  Great Bread and Great Value


    Never bought a bread maker before and didn't want to spend a fortune so this seemed a good option. And it was a good option, actually it's really good! The machine comes well packaged, very clear instructions and good introduction information on bread making (covering yeast, different flour types and recipes) or to say another way the book is very comprehensive. Making bread is easy - you have to follow the receipts precisely then you get a good loaf - it's that simple, there's some grumbles of bad loaves but read the instructions and don't use very cold water (as the yeast needs warm water) and bingo - a loaf pops out!! There's various modes for simple bread, french bread and others plus a delay timer so the house smells of fresh bread in the morning which is rather pleasing :) In summary for the money you can't beat this bread maker, it's excellent and I'm pleased with my loaves!!

  2.  Great Summer Tunes!


    2 brilliant CDs for the car, really good tunes and fast delivery from Chalky!

  3.  Really Good tunes and cheaper than Amazon!


    Great album, playing all the time in the car now.
    Nice mix of different style music, it's not all "samey".
    Reminds me a little of Chicane!

  4.  Fast iron


    Nice and quick to heat up, quick to do the ironing - I hate ironing!

  5.  Very pleased


    Light, easy setup and easy to use and an excellent screen - very pleased.

  6.  Really good - still day 1 but it's going well !!


    In an effort to make more out of my iPad, I downloaded Noteshelf (other apps are available!) and bought one of these to replace my work notepad and biro.
    It's still day 1, but I'm very pleased - it's like writing on paper but I can undo and rub out mistakes! The stylus feels very natural and I soon forgot I wasn't using the old pen and paper.
    I think a good app helps loads.
    Funny, the iPad responds better to the stylus better than my finger but I wouldn't use it like that all day.
    I bought a Wacom Stylus as various reviews rated them best, I know you can get much cheaper but no point being disappointed with cheap rubbish :)
    Is it worth it? Yes, so far! I'm going to make a real effort to use this every day, so far much more fun than the old boring biro!

  7.  Very impressed - recommended


    Now managed to stop taking my heavy laptop to external meetings and replaced with my iPad and iLuv Case/Keyboard.
    The iPad is great but fast typing is impossible on the glass.
    The iLuv keyboard works well, the keys are close together but that's a limitation of the iPad's size. The keys travel well you need a bit of practise but soon able to type quickly. What's nice is the iLuv's keyboard has extra 'function keys' to start iTunes playing, bring up the iPad's glass on-screen keyboard, screen lock, magnify, etc.
    The keyboard is in it's own detachable magnetic leather case that holds in place very well and lifts out so you then have a case just for the iPad. The pictures on play show and state velcro - mine is magnetic which is much better.
    The unit is very steady and strong when opened in 'laptop' mode, no wobbles at all.
    Keyboard charges (comes with rechargeable and cable) from USB and does last for a month in standby or a week if your using on and off - not bad at all.
    For the price it's a considered purchase but as you don't need to buy a case, you're getting a good case and keyboard.
    The keyboard just works with all applications, I've found Mail, Numbers and Pages all work very well.
    Summary - Love it, no more laptop to carry around to meetings. Well built, just works. Recommended.

  8.  Great Radio, Great Sound


    When you pick the radio up it feels heavy - that's because the speaker is decent and with airflow from the back to give a good base, the sounds are well ballanced which makes listening a real pleasure.
    I like the cool blue display and the built-in mains adapter so only a regular mains lead with no bulky brick exposed.

  9.  Great value balls!


    If you like a little tennis nock-up, these tennis balls are great and at this price it's not the end of the world if you loose one or two!

  10.  Great shots for a great price


    Very pleased with crisp high quality pictures produced from the RZ10.
    The 10x zoom is great and if you have a tripod it helps steady the camera on long range shots.
    I like the feel of the camera, it's got a grippy rubberised feel in your hands.
    Coming with a rechargeable battery means no money wasted on disposable batteries - a welcome relief.
    In summary this is a very good camera, highly recommended.