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  1.  Live and LAUGHING!!!


    I saw this live last night at the apollo and i can without a doubt say it was absolutely hilarious, if you are an mm fan then u will not be dissapointed , better then him live at the apollo. Fantastic!!

  2.  Phwoar!


    If you like rainbow six vegas then you'll like vegas 2, gameplay is almost perfect in my opinion, cover system is good and helps you out alot in both single and multiplayer, graphics are better than the original but could have been a little bit better.

    The single player is great, with a good storyline and lots of action, but online is where this games comes to life, with a range of online modes and wepons and a new edition to the game is that ubisoft have just released a map pack which is 100% free
    5/5 get this game
    P.S I dont know why people are compareing this game to Call Of Duty 4 as they have nothing in common they are completly different games, people may say that it is not as fast paced as COD4, thats because this game is more tactical, you cant just run in to a room filled with 5 enemy's on vegas 2 with an assult rifle and expect to live you have to use tactics.

  3.  Problem fixed at the cost of design


    The old headsets used to have the volume controls etc. at the bottom, on the jack and attached to the controller, this was alot more conveinient but this was also what caused it to break ( i went through about 5 a year!)

    But this problem has been fixed by movin the volume controls etc. half way up the wire, which makes it quite difficult to use but my one has lasted 6 months so far with no problems!

    Otherwise, its great quality sound and mic and an essential for online play!

  4.  Phwoar!


    This game is thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly realistic. You don't have to break 100 metres in advance to turn the corners like in Forza 2 and your car actually responds to damage unlike PGR4. While Forza may be more realistic in terms of driving experience, who wants to drive sensibly?!
    That's what this game is all about, you can drive like a maniac and your car responds to any form of damage, even if it's just scraping against a wall. The replays are stunning and use the different camera angles very well.
    People have complained about it being too hard and that the AI are too good. The truth is that it's just realistic, the AI do overtake each other and do make mistakes which makes it all the more fun and challenging. You have to have a degree of sensibility about your driving in terms of cornering, if you break too hard at the last second you will spin your car, or if you brake too late and hope to just bounce off the barrier, you won't. Your car will completely respond to any contact, and crashes will affect the performance and appearance of the car. This maintains a sense of realism while keeping the arcade fun feeling of being able to go round a corner at 100mph (maybe a slight exaggeration).
    Overall this game has it all, incredible graphics and physics, fun driving experience, clever AI and spectacular crashes! What more could you want?

  5.  Typical Unreal, its unreal


    Words cannot describe how amazed I am at this game. The first thing you will notice are the graphics, the Unreal engine is an amazing thing. The lighting effects are some of the best I have ever seen. It does not do a Halo and just blind you.

    But as most gamers will tell you, graphics do not make a game, it is the gameplay. This is typical UT, but the weapons feel more balanced. For a console FPS the controls are great and I have not had the framerate stutter once!

    My favourite thing about the game is that you can play dead, making it seem asif you are a dead body. I have had many a fun moment get people from behind like this!

    Its also has all the downloadable content released for ps3 and pc and loads of bonus extras making it an even better game

    However, if you do not like FPS games, i doubt that this game will change your mind. If you are in this situation rent it, however if you do like them what are you waiting for? Ill see you online :)

  6.  Its just an enjoyable game!!!


    Well if you are like me and have been craving Keyboard/Mouse support for console Strategy Games, Is Civilization Revolution the answer? Well yes and no!

    The game has had most of its guts removed (from Civilization four), which is not necessary a bad thing. However personally I found they have removed too much from the advancements they have made since Civilization two.

    Don't get me wrong I am aware why they have done so, it was to allow the game to work with the controller, as you can now group soldiers/warriors into armies (nice touch), but the whole diplomacy side seems to have its guts removed too, I never thought I would say this usually playing Civilization as a War Morgerer, but it is a shame.

    It is like - Lets make peace, the Civs go "Yea!!! Have a little dance" all the time, no negotiation.

    There is also no leader traits from Civilization Four, for example if you were trying to make a treaty with Neapolitan you knew eventually he would attack you as that is what his character is like.

    Do I like the Game? Well I love all the last Civilization titles, so yes! But I do wish they would have retained more of the guts.

    It is commonly known that they removed the guts and made the game easy to finish in 3 to 6 hours, because it was built for 360 and Wii with no Hard Drive - so no saves. They should have had two sections to the game one for epic battles (saves) and quick game (no saves) .... You won't have your Epic 60+ hour PC battles here..... Shame!.

    Giving it 5 stars as it is easy to control and still very very enjoyable title.

  7.  5 stars if your a fan of the series


    Just finished playing through the demo a few times, I an honestly say i was impressed, graphics were shiny, plenty of things to blow up and the writing was witty.
    The single player brought back everything that was great about battlefield combining very fast paced gaming with a feeling of having to keep your head down to avoid incoming mortars. The shooting itself seems to have been tweaked for the better and everything looks fantastic, having said that there were a few niggles and glitches the smoke effect seem to just disappear after a few seconds . The raders you have to destroy show no signs of damge then suddenly explode, just single shots from the rifle. However it is just a demo and hopefully these will be addressed in the full release.
    Multiplayer was a blast, Its great to see these innovations pay off in a rewarding experience, and another couple of weeks of touch ups will only help.
    Easy to recommend this game to any fans of shooter games

  8.  Lots of features


    i got my psp on the day of release and they are a great handheld system. At first i was just happy to caress its beautiful ergonomic form (lol) and play games on the move. When i stopped buying games for it, i started to get bored and didnt touch it for about 6 months except holidays.

    Then i piked it up agen becusd there was an update 4 it so i updated it and was amazed by the features:
    phone ( i was amazed)
    messenger chat
    and many more

    so i almost use it every day and the days of regreting buying it are long gone. THe games are getting much better, epecially with god of war which had better graphixs then a ps2 game. a great buy!!!!!

  9.  Hilarious-rofl-lmao-lol


    Dont listen to all of the other reviews!!!!!!!!! i almost never laugh out loud when watching a movie but this is hilarious where there were many occasions where i was rofl-ing and lol-ing. its easily the 4th funniest film that ive ever seen ( afta the austin powers trilogy) some ppl say its just 3 simpsons episodes put together with no story but who cares. you dont go 2 see the simpsons for a story, you watch it 4 a laugh and whats wrong with 3 episodes strung together!!?? i definite must buy for any dvd collection

  10.  Its just an enjoyable game!!!


    i just love this game, its like lego star wars which was also fantastic and it just a fun game its not too difficult but just a simple and original game which will keep you playin. It may seem like a kids game but can be enjoyed by all ages
    graphics- 9/10
    gameplay- 10/10
    humour- 10/10
    multiplayer-10/10 because all ur friends can easily get in and out of the game!!!!!!!!!!