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  1.  A must buy for the PS3


    Great game play, great characters and a captivating storyline. Love it, love it love it.

  2.  Hours of gaming


    Great game, more of the same but with a little extra. If you don't like it's predecesors then don't buy this. Seriously hours of game play even if you don't want to do every side mission.

  3.  Short but well worth the money


    Thouroughly enjoyed this smart adventure shooter game. Some nice touches and enjoyable gameplay, better than Uncharted 2.

  4.  Kick nostalgia into the gutter


    I like nostalgia, really I do but all these games are so dated, I wouldn't mind if the games were true classics like Scramble, Defender, Pheonix or some classic platform games like Donkey Kong or Super Mario which I know all aren't Sega. The Sonic series are, ok, maybe worth a go but even then you get bored very quickly. If you do buy it here's how it will go, you start off thinking I'll start off with the earliest game, then you play.....for about a minute, then the next earliest......for about another minute, then another and another. Then you think sod this i'll try the latest game and then you play that for about 5 minutes, then the next latest, then the next. Then you play Sonic and have a little bit of fun although still bored and wishing you were playin Battlefield, Uncharted or Assasins Creed. Then you give up, pack the game away and promise yourself you'll never get it out again.

  5.  Buy it, buy it now.


    Oh my god, this game is amazing. Possibly the best PS2 game ever. Great gameplay, fantastic scenery, totally engrossing storyline and value for money. I've been playing this game on normal mode for weeks and i'm not even close to finishing yet. I loved God of War but found the fighting a bit boring and too easy, with GOW2 the fighting is still long but your kept on your toes ready for hitting the correct buttons at the right time. The puzzles are tough and really get you thinking. Love it, love it, love it.

  6.  Too short


    Very enjoyable to play. If you like Bond you'll love this. My only problem is the game is too short. I played it for a week and finished it, and it took me ages to shoot General Medrano.