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  1.  The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff (Add-On) ~ PC Version


    There isn't really much to say about this add on it pretty much is what it says on the tin...err... box.

    Some extra clothing mainly for children, and some more themes underwater and fantasy. The items that they have in each of the section are very good but of course there are less then other packs but it is half the price of all the other packs as well.

    The main point of it is for a bit of fun with a smaller expansion pack it is worth the money but of course you get less so I give it an even 3 out of 5, yes I do think you should buy the game.

  2.  The Sims 2: Pets (Expansion Pack) ~ PC Version


    My own little pet dog...... now that is the best way to get up social bar.

    In the Sims game I am useless at getting up the social level, this expansion pack has helped me out a lot with it I can now get up the level whilst letting my new pet raise money for itself.

    The best feature that made me laugh would be letting you pet get a job and raise money for the household when I was teaching my dog to become a rescue dog it needed some certain tricks to be taught to him to help him get a promotion and get more money so just like the skills a human needs your pet needs them as well.

    All of the extra items and bonuses or in this case bone-uses make it to be a great game so I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  3.  The Sims 2: Seasons (Expansion Pack) ~ PC Version


    This is the expansion pack that every keen Sims fan will need for their collection; it has some of the best extra features that the game can have.

    I think I will start with the main thing about the game. Weather! Well the main feature is weather and seasons which you can tell by the name and it does actually work well with the game. It ties in great with the ability to grow your own vegetables, as some crops will be the best at sometimes and worse at other parts of the seasons.

    The thunder and lightning storms for the game make extra detail and are great and even tie in with the hopes and fears sections where a hope is to stand outside in a lightning, whilst a fear could be to get struck by it.

    All of the added items and bones make to be a great game and all in all get a nice 4 out of 5 stars well worth the money.

  4.  Guild Wars: Factions ~ PC Version


    Well what can I say about this game, the quests that I have done so far have been very entertaining and its great how you can make varied characters.

    You do not need the pack before to play this game but if you do have it then the two games with interlock together to create a fun and exciting game using the both of them.

    The spells that the game uses are very fun and can be great to kill weird and random monsters however, you may need a fast computer as it seems to slow down mine a bit but still worth the money.

    For an interesting and fun game to play on the computer I give it a nice 4 out of 5.

  5.  Singstar Pop Hits + 2 Microphones ~ PS2 Version


    This game is the karaoke game of the century, seriously whether you want a quiet in by yourself singing to some great tunes or a jam packed night out with some friends this is defiantly the game to buy.

    The easy to use bar on the screen helps you to record the game progress whether you are hitting the right notes to becoming the 'singstar' or just being a 'wanna-be-star'.

    It's great fun to use with your friend even if they are laughing with you or at it it's still good fun and the tunes that they use a brilliant great to sing along to.

    This game is so great it gets a nice big 4 out of 5.

  6.  Tekken: Dark Resurrection ~ PSP Version


    Well is this game is anything like the Playstation versions I used to play what am I doing writing a review for it I should be clicking away buying my next copy right now.

    The price of the game is outstanding how can a game so brilliant only cost £10 and STILL be in stock, this game is fantastic and I mean these words seriously.

    The graphics that it reveals on the PSP are stunning and could actually be used for the PS2 they are so good.

    All in all once again a great game so it gets a hearty 4 out of 5.

  7.  Locoroco ~ PSP Version


    Although I haven't actually bought this game yet at the price that play.com are selling it at it won't be long until I do order it but I have played 2 levels from it thanks to the PSP website.

    The level that I played was very entertaining and did keep me happy for a few hours collecting the little blobs to make my one bigger is a simple yet brilliant idea for this game and the function to split them up for smaller pieces is even better.

    The controls can get a bit annoying sometimes with the flicking but it is all with the challenge of the game and makes it a bit more fun to attempt it.

    At the value of the game it is definitely worth buying it and on the bases of price and entertainment values I will give this game a nice 5 out of 5.

  8.  World Soccer Tour ~ PSP Version


    This game is actually quite entertaining I found it in a shop but when I saw it; it was too high priced but looked for it online on play.com and found it cheaper so of course I had to go out and buy it ( well saying that click on it and order it =p)

    The game has some very good qualities but after a while it can seem to get a bit repetitive so I normally take a break from it and then dive back in later. It is good for a football type game and as I said has very good aspects of it

    One of the best modes is challenge mode where you attempt to win points by performing good passes, scoring goals and winning the game the medal you get depends on the amount of points you get however you can lose them by performing bad tables, losing the ball or letting the opposition score.

    All in all a very good game and probably worth buying it so I give it a good 3 out of 5

  9. Eragon



    2 New from  £6.50  Free delivery

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     Eragon ~ The Playstation Version


    Well I must start off by saying that I did indeed enjoy the movie quite well and bought the DVD from the website at a great value but this isn't a review about that it's about the Playstation 2 game.

    Well to start with the game was really fun to play and quite enjoyable the way that the magic progresses up with every level is great and they interact between the movie and game of course with it being a game they change the storyline around a bit to make it easier to play.

    The levels are quite interesting and great for the drop in drop out mode with the player 2 function, my friend and I had a great time on the second to last level but one bad thing I must say is that lack of the levels I would like them to possible make some more levels but then again I hope to see a nice sequel for 'Eldest' to come out when the movie does.

    All in all a good game and I give it a nice even 3 out of 5, if you enjoyed the movie than this is the game for you to buy.

  10.  2GB For £17...


    Well what can I really say, I'll tell you this I recently just bought a 1GB card from a shop in my local town and I paid £20 for it I now see I can buy a 2Gb one for £17 yes I am buying this one straight away.

    The capacity that it can hold for the value of the card is great I am really impressed =]