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  1.  Superb !!!


    Slim is back !!! Brilliant album. His best album since marshall mathers LP 1. Rap God is an Awesome track !!! Welcome back Shady

  2.  Good campain !!! Online is rubbish !!!!


    I loved gears of war 1 !!! But they have ruined gears of war 2 !!! I loved the campain ! The story was awsome !!! The new weopons are excellent, you can tell they thought about them. But i am hugely disappointed with the online play ! Its just to slow !!! The whole game needs speeding up !!! I used to love having shotgun battles and snipeing on gears 1. You dont get any of the classic fun and pace from the first gears, what a shame !!! Could of been brilliant, i think they were given to much money and they went overboard.....

  3.  Good, but not much has changed.......


    I got this game on the day of release and couldnt wait to play it..... The campain is brilliant as always !!! Yes its short, but all c.o.d games are, they put more effort into multiplayer, as always !!! I like the special ops missions, this ads more variety to the game. There are a few things that stopped me from giving this game five stars :- Theres no party chat on most game modes. I think its gone too arcade, i hate the fact that on multiplayer when you throw a grenade theres a red trail following the grenade. This makes it alot easier to dodge grenades. They should of stuck to more realistic warfare, like cod 4. Also its alot easier to rank up, thanks to all the special kill bonuses you get. Saying all this i do like alot of the perks and equipment you get !!! All in all a great game !!! Will keep you entertained for hours !!! Cant wait for c.o.d.m.w.3 !!!

  4.  Not Bad !!!


    First off ! Ignore all the other reviews (especially ones that abreviate all there words because they cant spell, or because there about 12 years old) This game isnt bad, the graphics arn't brilliant (compared to alot of the games out there) but there are far better than bully for the playstation 2, and the game feels alot smoother to play. As for the loading times between scenes i havnt had a problem, loads up near enough instantly. People have said theve had problems with glitches, again i havnt had a problem (perhaps these people have the old xbox with the dodgy motherboards) The story line is pretty good and you get the free roam like in grand theft auto. All in all not a bad game, im a huge rockstar fan and i think if you cant wait until grand theft auto 4 you should buy this until its released to pass a bit of time. Hope this review helps your decision.