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  1.  Brilliant


    I've just read this book on holiday and i thought it was brilliant - it really is.
    I read this book because i like Dawn French so i probably would have liked it even if it was rubbish but it wasn't it was fantastic.
    I loved how she didn't blabber on about how successful she is which most people do in their autobiographies. I thought it was both funny and sad at the same time which which i think is why i liked it.
    I've always liked Dawn French ever since is was about 8 when i watched the Vicar of Dibley and french adn Saunders.
    I hope Dawn French continues acting becuase she really is a jem and i think she is a genuine and nice person.

    Hi!!!! Dawn French if you are reading this which i hope you are becuase it would only be human nature to read reviews about your book which is brilliant by the way.
    Btw, i think i like you also becuase you look like my mum so much so that on a train once somone asked her for her autograph thinkin it was you !!!!
    Can you believe that??


  2.  GREAT!!


    I have had this phone for about 3 weeks and it is the best phone i have ever owned!
    The sound quality is amazing and the little flashing light that plays in beat with the song is so really smart.
    The camera and battery is great; only charged it up a few times. The touch buttons on the outside are great for contorling buttons and really easy to use.
    It looks so great aswel!

    Would reccomend to anyone reading this!
    I feel like i will have this phone forever (well i aslways say tht when i get a new phone :D)

  3.  a waste of money


    this book is the biggest load of rubbish you could ever wish for. I got this book as a gift.
    It is extremely boring and pointless to read.
    I thought it would be about things you would want to read about but i isnt. I am dissapointed with it.

  4.  it's ok!!!!!


    this phone isnt all it is cracked up to be. And doesnt deserve all the attention it i sgetting because they dont work. My freind got one and within 2 months it was broken.
    Not a good quality phone and i recommend you not to buy one without insurance.

  5.  no better than the k800i


    this phone is no better than the k800i and has the same specs and isnt even that smaller and the rounded buttons arent attractive.
    It is way more expencive than the k800i aswell!!!!!
    Do not buy!!!!

  6.  fantastic


    this phone is an absolute masterpiece. You couldnt find a fault with it if you looked for one. this compact and lightweight phone will not dissapoint you and is a great performer with a great screen display and a 2 megapixel camera with all the nic nacks that you require and while using this masterpiece you will encounter many hidden promises.

    I would seriously recommend this phone to anybody looking for one wright now
    you need this phone as you shall not be let down.

  7.  this the best phone on this earth


    i loved this phone (when it was launched about a million years ago) because even though it lacks an specs these days compared to the fast movement in the mobile technology. what i find amazing is how a phone that came out 2 years ago is still on the market today. isnt that amazing. This phone has beauty like no other and has been a huge hit for motorola. The memory is nano (5.5 mb) and the battery isnt great but so what. this phone has a beautiful screen and resolution although the basic vga camera lets it down alot. i have had many oppertunities to pick this phone in the shops when i was ever getting a new phone but for some reason something stopped me and i think it is the poor camera and nano memmory. But if you are the sort of person unlike me that only wants good looks out of a phone than this is for you.