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  1.  surprisingly awesome


    k, i am probably one of the biggest elvis fans on the planet,i grew up listening to all his songs and carried on doing so, and when i heard this albulm was coming out i was like good god, a cd of elvis remix's, o how i was wrong these songs sound brilliant. they havent just taken the song and slapped a beat behhind it, they have really worked hard to create unique sounds, click on download the cd, you can preview every song and you will see what i mean, by no way am i saying they are better than the originals cause they arent, but they are excellent non the less, and a great way to introduce the younger generations to these classic songs, rip elvis, legends never die

  2.  great book


    This is a good book lots of great recipes in here, i know the other guy only gave it one star buit come on you give it one star just cause no recipe for a fish pie.the book is full of recipe and ideas which are great so i would recomend that everyone wanting a recipe book should own this

  3.  oh dear


    My friend bought me this for christmas and i was really looking forward to watching this.im sorry to say now that i wish i hadn't.i suppose for hardcore austin fans who will love anything to do with the guy will love it.but for me who is more open minded it was not great.it is called the legacy of yet it leaves out a lot of stuff touhat was brilliant about austin.it shows you where he is fueding with tripple h and the rock but i was looking forward to seeing matches and segments with kurt angle and the wwe wcw wars where he jumped ship.but no thnere is non of that and that was some great stuff.i also looked forward to seeing some of the stuff with him and vince and although there is some,there just isn't enough.plus the extras are shocking.i will say this there was some really funny moments when he was in ecw and when he was teamed with dude love but i really think wwe should have made more of a effort like they did with shawn michaels,ric flair and john cena

  4.  best sci fi series of all time


    When it come to sci fi tv series this is the best there is i saw every season of this when i was a child and i am reliving it now as i buy the seasons,each episode has a great story to it and the whole idea of quantum leeap is amazing if you never saw this you will have heard of it my advice is to get seseon one and you will love it

  5.  a true masterpiece


    i watched this film as a kid and i loved it it is one of my favs of all time.the story is excellent and the effevts for the time were outstanding i would recomend this for anyone i garuntee you will love it

  6.  class


    i agree with the other guy not his best but still great well worth the price and he doe's give a good performance

  7.  its arnie


    okay this isn't the best arnie film but hey it is arnie so there will be action and there will be oneliners what more can you ask for. i have this dvd and i think its very good

  8.  verry funny


    this is actually a very enjoyable movie arnie is very funny in this movie and its a good story to it

  9.  brilliant


    this is a great movie its well written and great casting. this movie really shows that the rock can act and he gives a class performance so i would recomend buying this dvd

  10.  class


    this is a brilliant film, the characters are good the casting is good and the storyline is good, well worth a watch