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  1.  Unbelievable!


    Amazing book which tells an interesting story about how Jeff got to where he is today, complete with funny stories and jokes about the Soccer Saturday panelists. Five Stars. Reccomend it to anyone who watches football on Sky Sports.

  2.  Covers everything that happens in The Wire


    This book is essentially a guide to every episode of The Wire through all five seasons. There's also some information about all the seasons as well, and some photos from the series - the best of which are in the middle of the book. There's an introduction by David Simon, a little piece about Obama apparently being a fan of the series and a piece about the death of Executive Producer Bob Colesberry (who also played the part of Detective Ray Cole in the tv series). There's also a glossary of terms used by characters on The Wire with "street terms" translated into "real English". This book is really only for fans of the series who want to complete their "The Wire Collection".

  3.  Perfect ending to The Wire's story


    Having bought all four previous seasons, when I got my hands on Season five I was a little disappointed to see that it was only 10 episodes but this season finishes The Wire's story perfectly. With more of a focus on the media, and what gets reported. There are parts that will make you question what the characters are doing, parts that will make you sad and parts that will make you happy. There's all the usual characters from previous seasons such as Marlo, Omar and McNulty - who is back to his old tricks. I think overall this is the best TV series I have ever watched. It really is an amazing TV series which tells many stories.

  4.  Keeps getting better


    Absolutely amazing, Season 3 I thought was a little disappointing but Season 4 is back to The Wire's absolute best. This season actually hit me more "emotionally" than any season of The Wire has, with the events that unfold.

  5.  Very good album, the bonus DVD is worth the money


    This is a very good album, though in my opinion I feel it's missing something. But the bonus DVD is awesome, it's about 50 minutes long and is a "Making the album Documentary" with some laughs thrown in for good measure. The album I would give 7.5 or 8/10 - so 4 stars - but the DVD pushes it up to 5 stars for me.

  6.  Good, but won't be to everyone's taste


    The best way to describe this album is with the word "interesting". Fans of Queens of the Stone Age will enjoy this more than most, as Josh Homme takes up vocals/guitar duty. Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones are great, respectively on drums/bass while Josh Homme's guitar playing is as quirky as ever. I'd best describe this album as a mix of Queens of the Stone Age albums "Songs for the Deaf" and "Era Vulgaris".

  7.  Awesome album


    Hell is for Heroes may not be around any more, but this is a great debut album and one of the best albums of the 21st Century. Songs like "I Can Climb Mountains", "You Drove Me To It" and "Retreat" are pure brilliant. At one point these guys were going to be massive, but a variety of things happened and two albums after this, they sadly called it a day. Recommended for fans of Funeral For A Friend, Reuben, Brand New, etc.

  8.  Funniest TV show ever?


    Quite possibly the funniest TV show ever. Lots of slapstick humour. Well worth the money.

  9.  New characters mixed in with the old


    Season 2 of The Wire brings in a new story surrounding the docks of Baltimore with new characters that fit in perfectly. With the European connection of some characters this reminds me of Grand Theft Auto IV a little. As well as the new characters. the old characters are still here; D'Angelo, Stringer, Avon, Omar, etc but they are more of background characters. New characters, target and story but still Five Stars.

  10.  Highly Addictive TV Series


    I bought this without having seen it on TV before, and loved it. Really good show, great story and characters. The way you see both sides of the story is nice too. Highly addictive series, I immediately ordered the second season after I'd watched the first.