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  1.  Disagreeing with BladeRunner


    It's a valid point - the delete button on texts is close to the exit button - but it's not that often an occurance. I've done it once or twice, and it has an awful habit of happening when you're rushing a text. All it means is you go back to 'new text' and it gets the text back up for you. If you set the shortcuts up properly it's just one more click.

    This phone.. I've had it since it came out. Amazing. I think you all know the pros, so I'll focus more on the cons.

    The lack of expansion. Yes, I know it has 8gb, but it's older relative has expension and can thus have 16gb of memory. Surely that's a step backwards. Also, this memory is just a built in memory card. It's a bit confusing when you first get it and it asks whether you want to be saving to phone or memory card memory. No biggie, but I have to be very picky to fault this phone.

    As for a point which genuinely annoys me. It's touted as a multi-media phone, and it lives up to the name, but watching movies is very difficult on it. Sure, the backlight stays up, it fills the sharp screen as you'd expect, but unfortunately there's no way to pause then return to a movie. Better hope you don't get a call or text while you're watching it!

    Also '6000 tracks' is a huge overexaggeratement. You could fit 6000 if you bought them all from 3's download service, but that's slow, clunky, expensive and bad quality. A song at 1mb is obviously not worth it. I have decent quality tracks, and can fit 1400 tops. I have 700 and a few movies, the entire first season (40-odd episodes) of Spongebob Squarepants, pics etc. The pictures it takes are large in size (100-700mb usually).

    The sports mode capture is sublime. I adore it. I got some really professional looking pics of the fireworks through it. You just snap and you get it. The camera really makes it fantastic.

    I also find it better than the N96. Definately better than the iPhone!

  2. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    4 New from  £13.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.94

     Oh it's terrible..


    I've really never played a game as bad as this. Such a disgrace to the sims franchise. I thought it'll be the same kinda game with a cute-graphics twist, but boy was I mistaken, there is NO underlying gameplay worthwhile. Unskippable 10-minute long cutscenes, impossible slow movement and it STILL manages to freeze up every five seconds. I'd really avoid at any price, because it's very stressful.

  3.  Fantastic, beautiful tee


    I've really never owned a tshirt so well designed. This is the best tshirt I've ever bought, the quality is great and the design is amazing! Had compliments from everyone about it. Love it.

  4.  Simply fantastic.


    Seriously impressed! I heard All Hope and Psychosocial, and thought they were good, but it seems they leaked the weaker songs from the album. I can't pick out a weak track - they're all very strong. It's crazy how versatile this band are - from death metal to singing in some songs (Psychosocial etc), and tracks are inventive and new. This is Slipknot in the zone. Essential buy for a Slipknot fan.

  5. Donkey


    CSS - CD

    8 New from  £3.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.30

     Lacking energy


    They said their next album would be grown up. It just seems weaker than the last. This seems more like a debut album rather than a second album, as to say, it's good, just not so much compared to Cansei de Ser Sexy. Toe tapping, thumping beats are infectious but the lyrics don't really make you want to sing along. It seems they could have done a lot more here.

    The album lacks a lot of the energy that the first offering gave, but it's still a good album. It lost 1 star for its lack of energy and for not getting my attention. The other star any other band would have got, but as it's CSS and they should have done better this time, I took that star. It's enjoyable, but may be a let down to original fans.

  6.  Quite disappointing..


    I know this won't make me popular, but a lot of people here are basing the album on the first two songs. They're good songs, I'll admit, Great DJ and That's Not My Name just happen to be the last two songs I've played. But the rest of the album is awful.. I've listened through it thrice now, and I honestly think you're best off downloading those two from play.com's download service. I think you'll be disappointed with the other tracks. They sounds like weak imitations of the first couple, which, unfortunately, isn't pulled off well.

    That's Not My Name - 5*
    Great DJ - 5*
    Fruit Machine - 3.5*
    Everything else - 1 or 2*

  7.  Not particually impressive.


    I must admit I never really liked this band, but looking over this (a friend bought it for my birthday - the import version), I noticed there are some big songs on there. They're not my cup of tea, I've never been a big fan of club, but it's not that offensive, truthfully it's only for the hardcore fans or those who want to go over the best years, but it's not going to convert any haters, and it's unbearable to listen through.

  8.  It's okay, just nothing amazing


    Let's be honest, a lot of people will just get over-excited because Pendulum are 'cool' to like. Well I can say if you liked the tracks already out like Granite, you'll like the album. What bothers me is how every track sounds the same except Propane Nightmares. To be fair it does grow on you but that shouldn't always be the last resort. An album should sound good first off.

    All of that said it's not a bad album per se, just a bit dull. They've changed since their 'Hold Your Colour' days which is a shame, they're not so fun anymore.

    As you can see from the 4 stars it's a worthwhile album, just don't expect anymore Propane Nightmares because there's only one that distinctive.

  9.  Probably the best band in the world at the moment


    This is such an immense album, it's difficult to put into words. I think NME said it best with it being 'unintentionally beautiful' because that's what this album is. The first track, Untrust Us, is probably my favourite. It has a different feel to it, like an ambient feel. Then the very famous Alice Practise and Crimewave you know are amazing. Then there's Air War and Courtship Dating. They're just amazing, they're so original, everything about it sounds great and they're beautiful.

    These songs are incredible. If you need more convincing check 'Alice Practise', 'Crimewave', 'Untrust Us', 'Air War' and 'Courtship Dating'. There are more songs but those are the 5*'s. Put serious thought into this, it will not fail to please.

  10.  Best Wii game yet!


    This game is so easily controlled, it's like you've been using it forever - it just feels so natural!
    This game feels like it's taken inspiration from F-Zero GX in that driving sometimes feels like watching a movie, the controls make you feel like you're in the game and with the wiimote it's insanely addictive!

    One problem - the graphics aren't much better than Mario Kart Double Dash. But that doesn't matter.