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  1.  superb


    Part of what I do for a living is write reviews. I've written a lot of them, but this is a hard one!

    Becasue I barely have the words to describe just hoe damned good this movie is! Brillian acting. Flawless stuntwork! But the most amazing thing is the editing. It's astonishing how the pace is held at such breakneck level from the first scene right to the last.

  2.  Great fun!


    Sure, it'll not change the world. But the graphics are very good.
    The game play is samey, but with some nice level design. Use of the various aliens shows this games influnece to be the 360 classic Kameo.

    I bought this for chiristmas for my 6 year old, who's a BIG Ben 10 fan, and he loved it.

    All in all this game- for this price- is exceptional value.

  3.  Perfect


    Just THINKING about this movie is enough to bring a smile to my face!

  4.  Painfully funny!


    If you like curmudgeonly old torturers with claws grafted on their side, and you prefer them with a sexual fascination for robots, then look no further!
    This is the book for you!

  5.  Best of the Best


    "What's the best Graphic Novel ever written?"
    When asked this question you are really being asked "What's better: Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns?" because they are the two books that (re)defined the comic medium.

    This book really does live up to the hype. It is not only the greatest GN ever, it is also one of the greatest books ever written.
    Monumental in scale, in storytelling, in design and in importance.

  6.  Be Pure!


    Mills has never been better than he is here.
    Nemesis is one of the best comic characters ever created. But a good hero is only as good as his villain- and in this respect, Nemesis comes up trumps, because Nemesis', well- nemesis, is Torquemada- and he is without a doubt the greatest villain EVER in ANY comic book ANYWHERE!

    Revel in the sheer scope and imagination here, gorgeous art from some of the best in the trade.
    A must buy!

  7.  The difficult second novel...


    The middle book in a trilogy is always hard, being that the book, by it's very position in the series, will have no real beginning and have no real end. BUt at the same time it needs to be self contained enough for the casual reader to pick it up and enjoy.
    And in this respect, Carroll performs brilliantly. The plot set up in the first book unfolds and expands superbly throughout this volume.
    Remember THAT twist at the end of The Empire Strikes Back? The one that made you scream 'NNoooooooooo!' right along with Luke? Well, brace yourself for emotional punches as impactful and exciting (though not the same!)as that.
    You'll be running to buy the third book when you finish this one- I promise!

  8.  Scarey stuff!


    Brilliant game!
    The atmosphere positivley drips from every frame, the Darkness powers are fun to use and horrible. Darklings are hilarious and disgusting.
    It looks glorious as well, with some of the best graphics I've seen, not only that, the story is very good, and does a splendid job of sucking the player into this world. I promise you'll stick with this one right to the end- then come back for more.

  9.  Meh...


    Very disjointed. Feels like you are not in control of the character at all in places, and the save points are too far apart.
    One for the die hard hedgehog fans, I think.

  10.  Brilliant


    Cornell's first solo album took him about as far from the Soundgarden sound as he could get.
    Brilliant beautiful work, in turn rocking and soothing and bluesy. A constant suprise and delight, even now-years after it was released.