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  1.  Best Need for Speed game but still could improve


    I think this is among the great racing games like GRID and DIRT (2) There are some falls in all fairness, in high speed turns its hard to control as when the back end steps out its hard to correct without tapping the wall. The other bad thing is the handling. I noticed this before i bought the game so i was expecting it. When you turn 99 percent of the time you will drift. The rrealy good thing that i liked about this though was the way you could choose a racing style. I am precision, i always am on racing games. The graphics are excellent, and although people complain about how the screen becomes blury when you crash in all fairness i race go karts and when you crash at 50+ mph it can become slightly disorientating.

  2.  Great fun


    This game is really good fun, I started off playing it with my brother on 2 player. It was easy to get the hang of for me, mainly because i have been playing racing games since the first playstation. My brother still can't get the hang of it. The reason i gave it a 4 star is because the gameplay is way to easy, and unrealistic. I tried it on hard with a couple of driving aids on but this became to easy and i was lapping 3 seconds a lap faster. So i turned all the aids off. Although there is some slight faults e.g when you break you almost always lock up. I still won my first ever race on career, lapping about a second a lap quicker on average. I decided not to use KERS i think it just ruioned it. But the Wii wasn't made to be realistic anyway, and this is why its not a lower rating. I would recommend this game but if you wont be able to get it until later this year i'd just wait until it comes out on the PS3 or Xbox.

  3.  outstanding game !


    This is probably the best game ever (well certainly the best racing game).

  4.  Not good glad it game free


    If you want a game like this get a comp game! this gets very boring and i dont see the point in the game!

  5.  Great game would rate 4.5


    great game possibly the best graphics for a game but the bad thing about it is it gets boring after a wile. Good to mess around on but good as a serious game to.

  6.  Still agreat game


    Even thouigh its an old game it's the greatest racing game next to colin mcrae dirt. Its excedingly fun as wel!

  7.  Good game


    good game thers not much bad about it ive had it for ages and still only on level 4! It is very long and can get boring after a wile and the inventory shud b able to hold more but its quite a good game especially if you lke medievil games!

  8.  Great game


    This game is great: great graphics, great online. But sometimes can be confusing (maybe i shudnt of skipped the tutorial) but all in all great game.

  9.  Good game graphics OK


    The graphics arent the best ever but tht doesn't realy matter because half the time ur jumping and randomly shoting in hope to kill something.
    Ppl say tht you cant really get scared by a game well there rong because i thought tht to.

  10.  Great game!


    This is a great game nearly as good as COD4, the graphics are very good and the lvls vary between hard and not so hard, the online is Quite good and two player campaign is great fun. Even two player offline is fun especially for messing around on. Definite 5 star!