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    If you care what i`m about to say - then you`ve watched some Prison Break! This series was extremely awesome; every moment had me waiting; just like the first series. A work of art!
    And Yes it does have the `final break` in the box.



    ... there was a writers strike on in the world. This is a quick - hardcore edition of Michaels antics in Sona. Series2 left us waiting as he walked into the light at the end of the corridor.A few knew characters work their way in. Lovely!

  3.  bit of a carry on...


    AWESOME all the same! The fox river boys are in the real world; chasing whatever they`re after - collectively. A cracking series for pure fans - but drags a bit for those aren`t. New characters chasings all of our personal favourites.

  4.  what is he?


    A very gentle story; one of those films you saw as a trailer on some other VHS rental. `Powder` is one of those underated films you`ll sit around with your friends, and either they`ll get it or they won`t. But the ones that do...

  5. 2012



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     don`t listen to the doubt!


    most people rave about the impossibilities of it actually happening; hence the bad press! Scrap that - the effects are awesome! I did what I always do and sat back and expected to be entertained - and I was! The effects were humoungous! Armagedddon is coming - lets do it Mankind!

  6.  Time to kill!


    this film is a `Does what it says on the tin` masterpiece!?! Watch the trailer first, just to check that you care. And if you do - its a mixture of real life game players*/call of duty/the sims/ all rolled into one. Howzat?
    *by game players i am refering to xbox/playstation/nintendo etc not `Unleash the Hounds!`

  7.  definitetly worth a watch


    Generally filling in some of the gaps left open by the previous 2 films, whilst sending another band of specimens on a journey of pain, suffering and realisation. Bring on the meat!!

  8.  a fantastic affair


    One of those wonderful films that you can sit back and enjoy. Madness is an added bonus, johnny depp is fantastically crazyly enigmatic showing his characters interesting ways of cooking. Mashed potato anyone?

  9.  a twisted tale


    A young fool goes down the wrong path for the right reasons. Entering into the house of tricks. A dark and strange tale with hidden shocks for avid horror fans. Look under the stairs...

  10.  who found Neverland?


    Personally i think that peter pan as a story has everything...pirates, mermaids, lost boys, fairies, and the ability to fly if you just think that happy thought! Brilliantly cast film. It shows how the creator of one of the best fantasy tales came about his story in a gifted way.