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  1.  Good game in many ways ... but ....


    Just completed the game and really have mixed feelings about it .It definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea , but the main thing in it's favour is it's different .As others have said - if you enjoyed Heavy Rain then this is for you .The graphics are generally good although 'The last of us ' really beats this hands down . Some of the game can be quite tedious but the story and the character acting are very good .
    The game gets a lot better from the point of 'Navajo' onwards with ' The mission ' being the best and the whole game would of been better if it had been styled towards this gameplay . The last thirty minutes of the gameplay and storyline is dramatic , surprising and quite touching .
    The game does descend into' point here 'for the next cut scene ,-' click here' for the next cut scene etc..etc.. it's a good game which I feel could of been better by making the gameplay a bit more interactive
    ( such as actually having to AIM a gun at someone before shooting (R1 button ) instead of just getting into position and pressing R1.)
    Some parts of the game the graphics seem much better than others - almost as though more work was put into the better storylines .
    I agree that the game isn't really re-playable - you do get the feeling that whichever option you go for - the outcome will be the same (except for in the last half hour .) Like the other reviewer I will be selling this game . Do I regret buying it ? - A firm NO - but it's biggest attribute is that it is DIFERENT - and for that reason , a pleasure to play

  2.  Some issues - but a good game - great value !


    Annoying ,repetitive , frustrating - but a great game ! It must be -I've just bought 'Borderlands 2 ' !!
    The art work is great and as someone has already stated , very reminiscent of XIII . The most annoying thing is the save facility . I recently spent an hour fighting through hard battles to kill the villain at the end of the level ,only to find that when I reloaded the game it took me right back to the beginning of that mission and the game did not save the very hard progress I had made . Some of the levels are HARD and when this happens it is best to fight from a distance with the sniper rifles. As much as some of this game annoys me -I can't stop playing it !! The best weapon I have found to date is the caustic machine gun,followed by anything that sets your enemies ablaze .
    This is well worth buying for the price it is available at . Some people have compared it to Fallout 3 . I bought , played (a few hours ) and sold that within two days - mind-numbingly BORING .
    Give this a go - you won't be disappointed .

  3.  Great game - vast world to explore


    This game really captures a lot of the elements of the first Far Cry and does away with the tedious gameplay of the second game .My only criticism is the language . I'm no prude but especially during the first part of the game the use of the 'F' word goes from instilling some realism to downright annoying ! It became so bad that I actually started turning the sound down during some of the cut scenes !
    The weapons are great but I gave up using the flamethrower as it seems to set YOU alight every time you use it ! -- I think this is to get you to craft the syringe which protects you from fire damage .
    The storyline is excellent , but I must admit that having completed the main mission I am having hours of fun running round doing all the other side missions . This game does suffer from a common problem with other ' shooters' though . In a lot of circumstances you can shoot people with 6-12 bullets before they die .... totally unrealistic.
    As you progress through the game it is better to decide on your four main weapons and stick with them - buying ammo after every mision.
    I found the AK47 , Sniper rifle , Silenced assault rifle and the grenade launcher a good combination. This game is great value for money and will give you hours of gameplay . Graphics are great and characters are well thought out although some are a bit OTT.
    I can't believe this is only the second review ?

  4.  Good Laugh - but 3D ? - very poor


    I bought this as I am a big Kelly Brook fan .
    The film is a funny , gory , tongue in cheek romp that is enjoyable for what it is ... However the 3D on my new Samsung SMART tv is awful !!
    I mean unwatchable! My Samsung glasses aren't the same system as the film and the provided cardboard red and green 3D glasses almost have no effect except make the surrounding room look like a 70's disco ! I've even tried a free set of glasses that I got from a local cinema
    Am I doing something wrong ? Other reviewers say the 3D is fine ?
    The only reason I am not sending this back is that the price is good even for the 2D version - oh and did I mention Kelly Brook is in it !!!!
    To follow on I've now discovered that I'm trying to view the WRONG disc for normal 3D glasses !!! -Don't I feel a burke ! Although I've edited this review I've still left the original text as I'm sure I'm not the only one to make this mistake .....

  5.  Great game !


    This probably isn't for everyone..... however persevere and you will slowly realise what a great game this is . After the first few cases you may think that the game is going to be a bit 'samey' and therefore tedious but these first few cases are just to get you into the swing of things .
    As the story developes ( and OMG , does it develop ! ) you get caught up in the whole 1940's genere . The background music is great and the incidental dialogue portrays the attitudes of people in those times with regard to race , social standing etc .
    One of the biggest kicks I got was thinking that the main character looked exactly like one of the main characters in 'Mad Men' .
    An even bigger realisation when I spotted two or three more characters from this series -and finally towards the end of the game the actor in the tv sci fi drama 'Fringe' (or lord Denethor in Lord of the Rings ! ). The facial expressions, lip synching and script make this a must buy - especially at this price !! The story is superb . The background story related by B/W flashbacks seemed pointless at first but became very relevant as time went on . I agree that it would be nice to have different weapons available - other than ones you pick up from dead characters . The fist fights are good .
    Driving is quite difficult at times , but putting on the siren or tooting your horn ( in a civilan vehicle ) helps a great deal .
    The gameplay map is vast and there are many things I didn't bother doing like finding the hidden vehicles, viewing all the newspapers etc ... Rockstar have done it again and produced a superb game . My only real dislike is the unecessary use of the 'C' word in one part of the game - After 30 years as a police officer I'm no prude - but just like 'Read Dead Redemption' ( probably THE best game ever ! ) some of the language is not needed - It doesn't add anything to the gameplay or story.......
    If your in any doubt as to how much work went into this game then sit through the credits at the end ( about fifteen minutes worth !! ) and
    you'll realise what a vast professional undertaking this was .
    The only thing I can say is PLEASE Rockstar -- make another one !!

  6.  Great game . A must buy !


    Excellent game . It still has the feeling of the earlier games such as the music . The location of the game is a big bonus - nice to see somebody has used thier imagination...
    The story is superb and although all shooters are a bit 'samey' ,- this gets better and better . The flashbacks aren't annoying and the gameplay is smooth and instinctive .
    My only criticism is that I would like Max to have the oppurtunity to use molotov cocktails or grenades , -as in the previous games .
    'Bullet time ' is still a bonus . The scenery is great and the music very atmospheric . The final levels in the airport really are enjoyable and can be challenging .
    All in all - a great buy - a great game

  7.  Excellent Game !


    I downloaded this from the Playstation Store but would willingly pay three times the price if I didn't own the original game ( which I have played twice )
    As well as the game being brilliant the character voices and acting are the best I have ever seen .
    The undead horse movements can be a bit annoying ,but the whole game deserves five stars .
    I'll probably give it a couple of weeks and play it all over again .