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  1.  Best wrestling game for years


    I have to say i completely disagree with the 2/5 review. If you were a fan of the attitude era id be suprised if you was not a fan of this. I think the attitude mode is brilliant. There are tons of unlockables from in your house arenas to stone colds smoking skull belt. The gameplay is just like 12 with a few tweeks and the community creations works great this year downloading very quick. If you are a fan of the attitude era and like wrestling games this is a must buy.

  2.  As bad as the original


    I bought Ghost Rider 2 3D to try out my 3D ty and it wasnt a good decision. I watched the original and I have to say i didnt rate that much so if you liked Ghost Rider then this review probably wont mean a lot. The film from start to finish was horrible the story line is paced at a stupidly high speed and the severe lack of action had me looking away from my tv. The 3D is very average and pointless through most of the film. Cage is a great actor but if he continues to do movies like this his career will soon be over. Even the brilliant Idris Elba cant save this film. If you didnt like Ghost Rider I would stay clear as this is as bad if not worse. 1 / 5

  3.  Not as good as the original


    Having watched the original The Thing I was looking forward to this as I heard it was a prequl. The film starts off promising when they unearth The Thing but unfortunately doesnt keep that level throughout the film. I found myself feeling like id seen this film before.Even though this is a prequel you cant help but feel that its a re-make at the same time and with no Kurt Russell thats not gonna go well. The plot is very similar o the original without the great charachters. The effects are ok nothing special they could have certianly been better. The film isnt terrible and if you are intrested enough in the story of the original you will get some pleasure out of this. At the same time if you havent seen the original again you will take some pleasure as you will not be familiar with the storyline. 2.5 / 5

  4.  A ''real'' vampire film


    I watched stake land having seen good reviews for it in a few film magazines and I wasnt disapointed. This film from start to end is gritty and grim the way a vampire film is supposed to be. Theres no girl falling in love with these vampires only running away for there lives. The film tone is brilliant and they have tried to portray what would happen if in real life vampires were real. The chrachters are brilliant and the film makes you feel part of there story and an ending that will leave you wanting more. Highly recomended.

  5.  This is terrible.


    If you like your games with good graphics and decent charachters and gameplay that feels like current generation this game is not for you. Infact if you like games this game is not for you. I played this game and had to check I was playing on my PS3

    I was willing to give it a go then the charachters started talking. This made me want to immediatly eject the disk as they were so annoying and talking like something out of a bad comedy.

    The gameplay is very poor and again will remind you of a PS2 game. I would avoid this game at all costs unless you want to see how bad a first person shooter can get on PS3. The pictures on the back of the box are also clearly a lie as the graphics dont look half as good as that. AVOID THIS GAME.