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  1.  NOT GOOD


    So the very sexy Lara Croft makes her first appearance on what is deemed by many to be the most powerful console out there. After months of waiting & weeks of hype, Lara arrives looking more athletic & well rounded than ever before. I've been waiting for this since the let down that was "Drakes Fortune". Underworld begins with a fantastic music score that sets the scene & brings you straight into the game. The story is easily followed & reunites Lara with friends & enemies from the past games. The atmoshere is intense & visually this game is worth every penny of that PS3. Sadly thats all the good stuff said.
    Lara has a few new moves, to begin with they look impressive, but as time goes by you soon realise it's just a gimmick. You don't have the freedom advertised & all too often Lara gets stuck in some scenary or disappears into a solid object as if she was a Marvel comics charecter. This game is full of so many glitches that I was almost pleased when after 10 short hours it was done. It's a shame because this game & charecter has so much potential, but you get the feeling that money was tight, Christmas was looming & the product had to be released before it was polished. I honestly enjoyed the graphics & sound, the best I have ever experienced in a game. The puzzles were not taxing, the enemies without emotion or artificial intelligence & the game lost it's way. In fact there is nothing about this game that is worthy of 4 stars. It's mediocre at best & the only reason I give it 2 stars is for sound & graphics. This game is not fun, not intense & leaves you feeling cheated, whatever happened to the classic gun fight & end of level boss? In fact my advice to all those that love tomb raider, switch off your ps3, pull down the loft ladder & find your ps1, put on the original raider & enjoy a game that was truly crafted, truly original & worth every penny of your hard earned cash. Lara Croft has not improved & if you can't improve on the 1st, why bother?

  2.  Blink & it's Gone!


    After the hype surrounding the original Fable & it's failure to deliver all promises. Fable 2 promised to be better, & prove itself as the gaming vision that was thought out years before. Fable 2 was to deliver on all the promises missed by the original & some.
    Sadly this is a game that you will love & hate all at the same time! This is a game that has been beautifully crafted, great graphics & atmosheric sound that works all the better with your surround system. So why 3 stars?
    This game falls so short on the huge hype leading up to release, that I feel cheated! Yes it plays well & yes the story does hold your attention, but it is flawed. If you play just the main quest, this game will easily be completed in under 12hrs. If you decided you need the full Fable experience & follow all the side quests, you spend your life rescuing people & digging for hidden treasures. All at the expense of the story, you simply forget the plot & why your playing the game. Once you have done the main quest & found yourself bitterly dissapointed, the game is still yours to play, with more keys & treasures to find. Yawn! So my copy is now back on the trade in shelf while I await a game that is worthy of the 360.

  3.  A Classic in the making. Room to improve though!


    Time Crisis, with a big orange gun.
    If your fortunate enough to have a big tv & plenty of room,
    if you have spent hours pumping coins into games like house of the dead in an arcade or if you simply like to try your shooting skills, but can't master Call of Duty 4......

    This could be your game.

    It's pricey @ £60+,
    You get a game that emulates arcade classic shooting style, with decent graphics & good sound quality. It's quite playable in arcade mode & the new "free roaming first person shooter" option takes it to a new level. For those that want to play the missions with a twist to their skill level.

    The G-con is comfortable & intuitive, but then I would say that I am right handed. Sadly it's on a lead, which is a real shame as sony have put so much effort into a wireless console & not being used to wires my dog keeps tripping over me while I play.

    The game itself isn't too taxing & can be completed with plenty of practise, the question is....... for that price tag will you pick it up in a week or a months time & enjoy a stress relieving moment killing more bad guys? Or will you finish it & leave £60 gathering dust.

  4.  Good, but NOT Great! Completed in under 10 hours....


    Drakes fortune I hoped was the PS3 equivilent to the original Tomb Raider on PS1. Sadly it was not to be.
    Graphics are superb, with loads of detail,beautiful colours & scenary that moves.
    Drake is easily controlled & moves like a person, fluid & without the akward clunky movements of previous action games.
    Combat controls are well thought out & you can play this game without spending ages learning combo's & complicated manouvers. My 6 year old nephew could control Drake although probably not complete game.
    The story is likeable with some intrigue & the background music helps set the scene & pace of the game. Video sequences complete the story & the main charecters interact well with each other.
    On your quest to discover Drake's secret, an array of henchmen will try to defeat you. The enemy is for the most part intelligent attempting to seek you out rather than standing around waiting for you to shoot them. You can use the games scenary to take cover, but the enemy quickly blows that away leaving you to find cover else where.

    So why only 3 stars?

    At anything from £40-£50 under 10 hours of gameplay is not what I expect. I'm no PS3 Game God so others may do it in under 9 hours. Thats very expensive, especially with no wayof increasing the games longevity (No Online function).

    Naughty Dog have clearly invested alot of time, money & effort to make a well presented, good looking playable game.
    But next time how about some real puzzles & something that would last the average gamer more than one day of their Christmas holiday.

    This game is worth playing, but don't by new as my copy is already on the trade in shelf.