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  1.  Add it to your collection


    Well, what can I say that has already been said in plenty of other reviews? I'll tell you: This game is unique. Yep. What other game lets you experience the freedom of near perfect parkour whilst dodging gaurds and arrows that are flying at you because you assassinated someone?
    The game runs (Ha) beautifully on the XBox, the plot is excellent (although the realism is thrown off at the end) and the graphics are amazing. The downside? Just a tiny bit of repetition - not enough to ruin the game but you do notice it near the end.

    This game deserves to be played by all XBox 360 and PS3 owners. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and you will too.

  2.  Great!


    This is going to be a great item to get, you can be assured of that. Not only are you saving more money than if you bought two 2100 Points cards, but you'll only have to input one code! Hooray for saving time and money!

  3.  My new favourite console


    Before my 360 arrived, I was a Nintendo fan. Plain and simple. I did envy all the other consoles with their massive amounts of games and online comunity, yes. When i got my Wii, I was happy with the few games it had.
    Then I got some money.
    With a fist full of money, I decided to buy a 360 and a few of the major games - I've now decided that the Wii60 partnership is destined to live on in greatness.

    With a massive online community, the XBox 360 is truely this generations... something. There are plenty of good gamers out there who will happily play with you and be friends with you, so you never feel alone when you are playing.
    The console itself is pretty cool. I sit mine upright next to my TV, and its easy enough to put games/peripherals inside.
    The games are indescribable. New games come out for the console pretty much every month, and they are must haves. The graphics on the majority of them are excellent, and the gameplay is often betteer than the last game you played.

    Overall, the XBox 360 is truely a proper gaming system.

  4.  A must buy


    With this nifty little gadget, you can set up your console in pretty much any part of your house and get a good signal to your network, without all the annoying wires.
    Hooray for the wireless age!

  5.  Brilliant, yet lacking


    One of the main carriers of BioShock was the second part of the name - Shock, from the System Shock series. With this, I went into the game thinking it would be similar; and was amazingly suprised. The game is totally unique, with a clever weapons system and 'spells'.
    The 'spells' are actually quite well explained science, so the game doesn't ask you to beleive in anything far fetched (with the excpetion of having an underwater city, yes).
    An amazing game, with an awesome plot twist and great grapics. How were the graphics? They were great graphics. :p
    My reason for this only getting four stars is the length of the game. I just felt that there could have been a lot more to it. the game was also pretty linear - you never got lost in the world of Rapture and the compass always helped you get back on track (though you can turn that feature off).
    A good game, in all, but lacking in the length of the plot.