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  1.  Just amazing.


    Uncharted 3 is what the PS3 was made for,outstanding visuals,outstanding gameplay and brilliant humour,if you have 40 notes to spend on a night out this weekend,forget it,get this game stay in and enjoy.

  2.  Hip Hop is ALIVE!!!!!!!!


    I'll keep this short and to the point,forget all the new so called hip hop artists with their trashy Hip Pop,this is real Hip Hop,nasty beats and fine lyrics,GET IT NOW.

  3.  Spot on


    Story mode is superb,brings a whole new dimension to the fight night series,feels slicker and looks superb,the blood and sweat is so realistic.The one thing that slightly annoys me is the commentary seems to have not changed that much,but thats just a small problem,buy it and enjoy.

  4.  Why don't you own this already?


    Simply awesome film,just watched it for the first time on Blu ray,the picture is quality,the film is quality best tenner i've spent in a long time.

  5. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    8 New from  £3.30  Free delivery

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     Demo review


    Fifa 11 feels odd at first,different somehow but after 4 or 5 games you realise that odd feeling is because it has become even more realistic,pass and move is the order of the day on Fifa 11,you have to pick your pass carefully and take your time,and remember not all players can pick that 50 yard pin point pass so don't try to thump it forward from the back with your cart horse defender because you'll be out of luck,the movement of players off the ball is key, make sure their in space before trying to find them with that killer pass. Graphics are as crisp as ever and player animations look as real as ever,with the added features in this years game Fifa will stay top of the Premier league, while Pes has moved up from league 1 to the Championship this year it still has a way to go before it will catch such a well crafted game as Fifa 11.

  6.  In space no one can hear you scream..mummy!


    First off, this game is jump a bit scary, not make a mess in your undies scary!! The graphics are some of the best you will see on any console,the music and sound effects are also fantastic, a superb game from EA who deserve a lot of praise for a game that grabs you from the start, i put it on and before to long three hours had flown by. If you play in the dark with the sound up the game moves up another level,just quality, Buy this and enjoy!

  7.  Computer says no!


    Next gen football game, i don't think! Come on people some of you are just giving this game top marks because you can't stand that fifa has become the game of choice for most,i played the fifa demo once and hated it but went back to it and it just gets better and better, i have always played pro evo and could never understand why people played Fifa but this year pes has failed big time, i can't forgive the rubbish sound effects the poor shooting and the lack of a real make over, i am gutted and i think Konami have become totally lazy and don't deserve any type of praise for another flop. Game over.

  8.  Top design, Top t-shirt.


    I'm normally XL but heard that most miami ink t's are on the big size,ordered a large and it fits a treat, looks smart and is worth a tenner of any ones cash,don't let the guy who gave it 1 star and a bad review put you off, this is a class t-shirt.

  9.  Pinhead rocks!!


    It will tear your soul apart if you don't buy this bargain t-shirt, it's well made and looks awesome! A quality buy.