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  1.  amazing.


    You need to watch it more than once to fully appreciate it!

  2.  Very Good, but you have to get it!


    People who give this film negative reviews, are either people who don't like this genre of movie or people who didn't understand the parody or satire that the coen brothers intended. Yes, the plot is a bit weird and peculiar but that's what makes it funny, there is humor that you don't see everyday and only people who understand this humor will find it funny, i think george clooney did a breathtaking performance and props to john and the coen brothers for yet again creating a fantastic movie with the intent that only people who actually see through the script and the actions and acknowledge the hidden meaning within will understand. You really need to watch this more than once to appreciate it!! If you like films that tickle your brain and like strong humor, this movie is indeed for you.

  3.  super duper


    There is a reason that they created a GAME OF THE YEAR edition, because this game is so mind boggling, brain popping, eye hurting, thump aching, back hurting that not even arnold would say this game sucks. trust me. buy this if you havent already done so, and especially if you feel like staying in. because that is what you will do if you buy this and try the multiplayer online, because you just get absolutely hooked. i had to take a weeks holiday to actually see what the sun looked like. well no. not really. i wasnt that obsessed with it even though it is an obsessive game. gain ranks and unlock weapons. good stuff. its also funny hearing mad people scream at their children and make childish noises.
    ahh. the lovely mentality of the various people on our planet.
    a good buy from play.com, always cheap, always fast, always handy.

  4.  life changing.


    BUY THIS MOVIE NOW. not only is it a amazing performance by edward norton, it is such a touching and true and incredible story. Changed my life as a person not only as the way i look at people but also the way i treat people. although this film isnt based on a true story, there is no doubt that similar events have happened, not wanting to spoil the amazingly scripted storyline but people do change. the ending is very questionable and leaves you wanting more. but you will soon find out that this movie, does not need a sequel or a prequel, because it is just legendary the way it is.

  5.  good value. speedy delivery


    i dropped my 30GB ipod in the mud while i was quadbiking, it was that sort of wet mud so it wasn't functionable after. I decided to wait a while and invest in a larger GB Ipod. i was amazed at play's pricing. i dont understand why the silver is so much cheaper than the black colour (about 20-25 pounds) which is alot if you are a at college. they both do the same thing but just have different colours. i personally dont like black but even if you do whats the point in spending an extra 20 pounds just for a black standard issue.
    in all terms of the product- amazing. ill have this ipod till i am 85 because there is no way ill be able to fill its amazingly large capacity. all in all. a very, very good buy