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  1.  Good But Not Great


    A great game for nostalgia, very good graphics and with the voices and likeness of the original charachters it is a major pluspoint.

    The gameplay is pretty patchy - having to use the not to be relied upon pkr meter alot is a waste of time in most cases and the sapping and trapping gets repepitive after a few missions.

    Id reccomend it to casual gamers who might want to pick it up every now and again but its lifespan is not great.

  2.  Does the job


    very quick at copying files, a neat wee device, pretty small and durable.

    would highly reccomend.

  3.  Does what it says on the tin


    exactly same as one you get with ipod so if you lose it snap this up.

  4.  The best wrestling game ever.


    Seriously this has everything.
    *classic wrestlers (ultimate warrior,hulk,andre, big boss man, jake the snake, the rock, stone cold - i could go on and on)
    *create your own wrestler (complete with create move list and create an entrance which is hours of fun in itself)
    *online - lag free, take your own wrestler online or fight with the classic wrestlers
    *relive, rewrite or redifine classic wrestling matches from wrestlemanias of the past
    *arcade style controls (once you get a hang of it it makes it better)

    overall a great game, it gives you everything, the demo entrances are not a true reflection, the wrestlers dont come down in small rings they do there full entrances (ultimate warriors is superb)

    great online or offline there are so many options in this game.
    dont expect smackdown vs raw
    this is not supposed to be like that - its a nostalgiafest !!!!!!!

  5.  Fantastic Recorder and Freeview Box


    Brilliant little box which is tiny compared to other freeview boxes, so easy to set up, plug usb into ps3 and tv aerial into little box and thats that done, stick the disk in 5 minutes later everything is ready and installed.

    A great wee device, record programmes onto the harddrive while playing games or while in bed sleeping, system turns on then off when recording is finished.
    7 day programme guide and an easy system interface mean its simple to navigate.
    While playing games it will notify you when prog starts and finishing recording.
    Another great thing is when watching the telly through it you still get reminders if friends sign into there ps3's and you can acces the messages etc just like you can while in a game.
    Also a very very good picture.
    A must if you dont have sky + or Freeview +.

  6.  The best trilogy ever


    2 Great films (1 + 2) and a very good 3rd film very well packaged make this a must buy.

  7.  Good solid sitcom - the boys are back in town


    Similar to series 3 - great acting and the boys really make the series believable and some laugh out loud moments and some very touching scenes.

    Pretty short - same as series 3 6 episodes at an hour each compared to series 1+2 it is pretty short, but well worth purchasing - could watch series 1-4 again they really are that good - only misses out on 5 stars because of the shortness.

  8.  Good solid sitcom


    Not as good as series 1 + 2 but its a long gap between them and this.
    Some laugh out loud moments tho from oz and the boys and if you liked it before you will like this, plot seems a bit far fetched but it works due to the great dramatic and comedy acting, young wyman (waynes son) is a worthy addition in place of the dead wayne.

    A good solid 6 episodes (an hour each) - perhaps a bit short considering series 1+2 were 13 episodes each but its well worth it to see the boys back.

  9.  Brilliant


    a game i never thought id like.

    How wrong can you be - great game, so much to do.
    Think the best mario then times by ten.
    You will never get bored there is always something new to do and the customisation options are great.
    A game an 8 y/o can enjoy or a 50y/o.
    A must have for your collection

  10.  Album Of 2008


    Doesnt matter if you have never heard a kings of leon album before you will love this is if you love music.

    A great album with a new sound - this is not copying anyone else's style this is creating there own.

    Every track is great - foot stomping sleazy rock.
    Use somebody, sex on fire, 17, i want you are the 4 tracks i would give 10/10 too.

    Every other track gets 9/10.

    Great album. A future classic. Album of the year 2008