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  1.  Awesome, as expected


    Wasn't sure about this for the first couple of hours but as with most Zelda games it soon picks up. Only after completing a couple of dungeons did I realise how well thought out the new items are, the beetle especially is pretty awesome. The game play is similar to Twilight Princess except the roll which you would use by pressing A on the Wiimote. Now you have to shake the nun chuck but if you'd played Twilight Princess to death as I did you may be so stuck in your ways that you find learning how to do the exact same thing a completely new way is hard to learn.

    The dungeons seem to have fewer rooms but the elaborate puzzles are no disappointment at all and as expected take a lot of thinking about.

    I'm bound to review positively as a huge Zelda fan but the game really is very good I only wish it had the darkness of TP

    All in all, great game, lovin' it!!

  2.  Fake reviews?


    NO BASS AT ALL :-(

    I know I don't have a high review score myself but I'll never again trust a review of someone with low scores like these guys.
    I would have to assume these are just fake reviews, either that or they're all lying for no reason and/or are stupid.

    I do like Sennheiser headphones, I've had quite few pairs over the years and still have some CX300ii's (which I love)

    The CX400ii's however are awful if you want to hear any bass at all.

    Aside from the complete lack of bass they're just ok. They look good, are well made but the cable length is quite short compared to most sennheiser earphones. They have a volume control and come with a cool little carry pouch (like most sennheisers), and a clip on the cable.

    I thought I'd read somewhere that they can handle bass however this is not the case. I'm not saying they distort when there is a lot of bass I'm saying they allow no bass through at all.

    Overall very disappointed

  3.  I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT........ Every Song A Winner


    I managed to get an early copy of this album from a friend and I gotta say that it's probably one of the best I've ever heard. If he did infact compose all these songs himself then he is without doubt a master lyricist up here with the likes of Paul Simon, Lennon and Macca and even Dylan. There's a song for almost every mood and absolutely non are alike. These are some of my favs;

    Sweet Luigi tells a story of a lonely sounding, old Italian man living in the U.K. content with picking cherries from his trees.

    Under the Fence has a simple yet suprisingly catchy melody and I think would make a very popular single if released.

    Angels Gather Here is set in a minor key, sounds quite unconventional with it's slow playing jazzy organ and has a totally catchy underlying bassline. The song has a downright "COOL" feel to it.

    Finally Gone, for it's slick guitar riffs and strong harmonies, mirrors classic Beatles hits such as "Day Tripper" or "Paperback Writer".

    Time Takes It's Toll has to be my favourite, tough though it was to choose. I'd say this particular track is crying out to be released around christmas with it's sad yet festive sounding brass section that springs up with a distinct melancholy. If this one's not a top ten hit I'll eat my hat.

    Last but not least Trouble And Strife. This song is a bold but succesful take on modern jazz. It's all about the rhythm of the drums and acoustic guitar. Best of all are the plonking classic sounds of the double bass playing gradually more complicated riffs that are almost conflicting with the opposite sounds of the distorted ,"top end" guitar riffs.

    All in all this album was very well conceived, well written and was obviously given a lot of careful consideration throughout it's production. Sam Beeton has a powerful, high note reaching, DANGEROUS voice and he ain't affraid to use it. At only 19 years he's a pro with his guitars and can rival the most highly acclaimed lyricists the music business has to offer. Trust me he's one to look out for as I'm sure he'll be around for a long time. If in a few years time he can write another album like this then he'll be a great artist we in the U.K. can be proud of.

    Best of luck Sam.