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  1.  Oh Dear!!!



    What have they done, PES6 was truely awesome and this game is lacking in every department. Gameplay is almost there and would be if the game would flow like its suppost to. Get anywhere near the box with more that 5 people in the box it slows up and becomes walking pace. It really is like having a PC game with a PC that aint got the power. Whats worse i had a game with 3 or my friends yesterday and it was unplayable. Game slowed to a constant snail pace. Replays are unwatchable u have 2 watch them in slow mo to even make out what happened. NOT GOOD NOT GOOD NOT GOOD!!!


    Well players and pitch are a huge improvement on the PS2 version. But as for the croud they may aswell be on a MEGA DRIVE. This is a PS3 for GOD sake not a MEGA DRIVE. Whoever approved this as ready to go on sale for £50 in some places needs shooting.

    All in all this game is not worth the money. Its been rushed out for the joint release with all platrforms, i would rather wait for another 3 months for a finished game. I truely hope they bring out an update to sort out the gamplay as for the graphics they best be improved for next year or there will be no football for me. (Fifa is 2 dam slow)

  2.  Awesome!!!!


    Couldn't want anymore from an MP3 player, video, music, photo's, ultra small & thin half the thickness of the last. Great new displays and software.

    One thing, it doesnt come with a case, although the advisor in the apple store advised me they made from a new material and dont scratch as easy!!!

    All in all Quality!!!!!