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  1.  Excellent!


    I dont know about you guys but im not a fan of the japanesse, pokemon, in you face anime that given at any random moment there heads will suddenly inflate like balloons. This film is really serious and doesnt have all that stuff in it.
    I know it done that in the series at the start a bit, but when a guy starts exploding brains by holding there head it makes it one of the best animes EVER.

    I loved FMA, especailly at the last couple of episodes were it became so EPIC that now i wouldnt even consider a black man becoming president of the USA epic.

    I thought the film may rune the series, but it didnt! It was an amazing end to an amazing story.
    The story fits perfectly with WWII and well...its just cool!
    Anyway buy this film! If you're a fan of the FMA series then you'll love this.

  2.  Doesn't deserve all the bad reviews


    Ok its not a great film however there is one thing i will praise it for.
    It not just a clone of all these other films that are out there. It does try to experiment. Ok maybe the experiment didnt work but at least its trying to be different.

    [REC] done it so much better however. That was a great film.

    it really doesnt deserve all the bad reviews and as for davebrian, you slate this film but then go say what a great film distrubia is....
    enough said.