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  1.  Way Beyond Expectations


    I brought this album on the back of the single 'just for tonight' and because a friend told me it was good. To tell the truth i wasn't expecting much more than one or two good tracks, i was pleasently surprised. After listening to the album just once i preaty much enjoyed every song, each one have it own. If you liked the single, this albm is a must as there is only better to come.

  2.  Good Strategic Game


    This is a very Good game which lots of people would be fooled into thinking it is like Dyansty Warriors, but it isn't. Yes some of the fighting is like Dyansty Warriors but the game involves a lot more skill than just running in and killing lots of people. The game goes into a lot more depth than any Dyansty Warriors game and in total is a lot more interesting game. Don't be fooled by the makers and look of the game, this is a good game.

  3.  Absolutly Brilliant


    This is definitly one of the best shows i have watched in a long time, it seems to include everything you could wish for in a show. The storyline for this show is a piece of genius, however someone thought of this a do not know, it is original and at the same time great. Its not just the storyline which is great, the charectors created are marvelous as well, making the show brilliant. This the second and final series of the show which continous on from the fantastic first series which was just as good as the second. The series still follows Sam trying to get home, while still trying to understand why he is here in the first place. A must watch show for all.

  4.  Good Online Third Person War Game


    Very good game for all the online war lovers. Its a very good game which consists of lots of good maps (you can download one more from the psn store). There are four game modes which are all good, there is zones, capture the flag, team deathmatch and just normal deathmatch. The places where the game is lacking i feel are the graphics and the amount of weapons to chose from, but these are very small problems. All in all Warhawk is a very good online war game which all can enjoy.

  5.  Best Game On The PS3 So Far


    COD4 is definitly the best game on the PS3 so far, it presents everything you could wish for in a first person shooter. The single player campaign is brilliant, it is a tad short though. The reason i love this game so much is because of the online game. They have set the online mode up absolutly great, the ranking system is great, lots of good maps and great guns which you unlock at different ranks making the ranks more worth while. The single player is brilliant, but if you are goiing to get the game make sure you have online, otherwise you are mising out on something brilliant.

  6.  Good Outlook


    I pre-ordered this game expecting brilliance, and at first it was. The problem is that when i started to play the game for a while i got quite bored with the game. This is because after a while the game gets exactly the same as before, you start to do the same things over and over. This isn't a game to buy as you will get bored, it is however a game to play once or twice round a friends house.

  7.  Brilliant


    I brought this album on the back of the two released singles, "she's so lovely" and "elvis ain't dead", to be honest i wasn't especting much. But it turned out that this is one of the best albums i have ever brought, loved every song. If you liked the singles, this is a must buy