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  1.  Great stormtrooper


    Basically i brought these because i wanted some stormtrooper variants . It is brilliant put the helmets on and you have two great figures for your army . But the comic is rubbish . So only get if you want the figures

  2.  good buy


    I dont agree with the above . This is a great film . Still not as good as big score but better than beast with a ...

    The lord of the rings references are great and the twist at the end is good .

    But as all blu rays its a tad expensive

  3.  finally they are back


    brought bill when they were released last time round . now they are all re-released i am going to snap up the others . Bill is a great figure and comes with sword , sword cover , flute,gun and holster and base. highly recommended

  4.  large and impressive figure


    this figure is really detailed , has a cloth cape and is realy large (double the size of standard figures ) .

    Nice little piece but probbly more for collectors as he is not a know character

  5.  one of the best


    The picture on here does not do this figure justice . this really is a great figure and ranks up there with the star killer and the concept snow trooper as one of my favourites .

    Grievous is best known as the cyborg from EP III . This is what he looked like before he was transfered to a cyborg after a crash . this is based on pictures from star wars comic books .

    good for fans

  6.  dont be in any doubt buy it now


    I am not the biggest star wars fan out there but i do like it . I saw that paly have had this half price and thought about it alot . after seeing everyone elses i took a shot .

    I am so glad i did . it is by far the best star wars item i have ever brought (star wars archive book was pretty good as well) .

    feels really nice and comes with a great desplay stand which can be fixed to a wall .

    As soon as i can afford it i am buying another . they are that good .

    but be warned this is a collectors item and will get damaged if you try and duel

  7.  Good but not great


    First of all this is a great controller it feels and plays just great . This is ideal for dowloaded games and some new games (tried on mortal kombat and worked great)

    Only problems i have with it is that it has to be plugged into the wii remote meaning that you have to have it sitting on your lap or on the side to use the controller . would have prefered just a straight forward wireless controller .
    Also price seems a bit steap . think under a tenner would be better .

    overall petty good

  8.  Great figure - luke i am your father


    This is a orginal concept figure based on the orginal drawings for darth vader . this figure is quite good . comes with a cloth cape and extra helmet . but apart from the helmet being a little bigger the figure is pretty much the same as the vader we know .

    never the less its a great figure and fans will love it

  9.  Starkiller - orginal concept for Luke skywalker


    o.k the description above is a little short so let me fill you in .

    this figure is based on the orginal drawings showing a first draft the star wars main character . at first they didnt know if it would be a man or a woman so the above was drawn . she was orginally called starkiller . Later the character was changed to eventually become Luke skywalker .

    this figure is a replica of that orginal drawing and it is a graet little figure . it comes in some great pacakging and is displayed nicly (so much so i havent taken out of the box) . it comes with a collectors coin to celebrate the 30th of star wars .

    great for collectors and satr wars fans

  10.  wow


    This is a truly remarkable DVD . got mine for christmas and it is so good .

    I was expecting a couple of live dvd`s mashed together to cash in but no way . this has loads of archive live performances that have been locked away .

    You get three dvd`s (or two with the other version but i suggest you get this one as you get all the extras) the first contains the bon scott era , the second the brian johnson era and the thrird is bonus material . the box set also comes with loads of extra sleeve notes and booklet as well .

    The dvd`s go in date order but the good thing about these is that it has a jukebox feature so you can re-arrange the tracks in any order you want . classic .

    a must for any rock or acdc fan , buy it now