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  1.  Initially frustrating but keep going!


    As many of the other reviews have stated the initial thought of the game are wow Im never going to be able to play this with the new defending techniques being difficult to master. This resulted in around 10 matches of 5-1 & 4-0 defeats and plenty of screaming at the TV!

    With practice and patience you will get to grips with the new defending system and although I have yet to master it but I can control it and you feel much more in control of the player and his decision making rather than the hunt the ball down system of FIFA 11. Apart from the defending the look and feel is a massive improvement from the last title with realism at an all time high in my opinion visually.

    As an online gamer the most frustrating thing about the FIFA titles is a player quitting half way through a game. This is one of the reasons I stopped playing FIFA 11 unless it was against my friends. In FIFA 12 the introduction of head to head seasons means that a player can still quit but after 5 mins on the clock has passed you are awarded with the win whatever the current score line. With the addition of promotion and relegation depending upon the number of wins you get within 10 games there is something to strive for with opponents becoming better matched to your level throughout the promotions.

    With the online factor in this way I would say this FIFA is definitely worth a buy but make sure you stick at the defending and you will ultimately love this FIFA title. If EA sports would get rid of the quit button in matches it wouldnt be far off perfect for online gaming.

  2.  A Good Album but.....


    When the first Mash Up Mix was released it featured all the up to date songs that had been coming out in the previous few months with a few more thrown in. This album seems to be the opposite alot of old songs blended with a few new ones. CD2 makes a better attempt but not enough for me. However this is only for my tastes and what I expect from a mash up mix cd, if you arent particularly fussed how old or new the music is it is once again a very well put together and mixed CD and a must buy

  3.  Always Improving


    I am a hige basement jaxx fan and have all of their albums. Crazy Itch Radio is just as good as kish kash with lots of catchy songs. The released song like hush boy and take me back to your house are exceptional, but tracks such as everybody and when the lights go down just show that they can make album songs aswell as chart. A must have if you like this kind of music.

  4.  Dissapointing


    After owning spiderman 2 game, I was looking forward to the new game and foolowing the storyline of Spiderman 3. I find however the game strays too far from the storyline to chasing lizard monsters ad makes the game less enjoyable.

    This does expand the game with several missions to complete but perhaps more indepth misions involving the main charcters from the film would be more enjoyable. Id go for spiderman 2 game if you want to buy one!

  5.  Very Addictive


    As soon as i played this game I didn't wat to leave it alone and was o it for hours! Single player is not as fun as multiplayer but entertained me no end.

    If you are looking for a fun multiplayer game this is for you, set in the format of a 3D board game, with special candy! with all favourite mario characters with lots of mini games to keep you entertained for hours. A must have.